Saturday, March 29, 2008


So...I'm not in Scotland... yet. I believe my countdown is at 165 days? I leave September 9 with my mother and we'll arrive the next morning. Anyways, I just wanted to go ahead and begin my Scottish Blog so that way it is all nice and ready before I apply for my absentee ballot and begin my first semester at the University of Glasgow.

For those of you that don't know I've been accepted to the University of Glasgow in Glasgow, Scotland. I'll be a Postgraduate student pursuing an MLitt in Decorative Arts and Design History (Antiques/Textiles/Furniture etc). Classes begin September 22nd and I will graduate in September 2009.

I imagine I'll be posting all of my prep work (aka working my ass off) during the summer and all the fun stuff that you do before you go on an adventure...

We've already bought the plane tickets. So I'll be returning to the States December 21st. Just enough time to get over jet lag to celebrate Christmas properly!

I'll [hopefully] be doing a lot of traveling while in Scotland. I'll definitely be going to Italy at least once. Germany and France are like 90% definite. Poland, Ireland, Spain, Austria are also on the list. As of right now, Giulia will [obviously] be back in Bologna. Laura and Jake are applying for work in Garmisch, Germany, and Lauren and Rob will be studying abroad in Paris. [Plus I always have Gerrit in Hanover to visit]... This should be a really interesting year...

I'm really looking forward to going to Glasgow with a fresh start. It's scary and one knows anything about I can be anyone I want to be. Kind of freaky...but fun..

I'll be living on campus in a dorm/flat of 5 people (separate bedrooms). I'm hoping to get into the dorms near Kelvingrove.

That's all I have to talk about right now...hopefully I'll be able to post more soon!!!

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