Monday, May 5, 2008


well, I've graduated! The ceremony was crazy... l can't believe I was on the ground floor of Assembly Hall (where the basketball games are played). l was also put on the big screen scoreboard... twice! Anyways I've decided to post some pictures of the day etc...

Anyways, it was a nice ceremony and the day was great. The weather was really nice, but it got very very windy post ceremony so the walk back to my apartment was .... interesting.. :)

I also got my final grades ever from IU and I did very well...only 1 B (sore topic...let's not discuss it.) So my final GPA ever is a 3.386! I was so close to graduating with honors...oh well...I blame spanish.

So now everything having to do with the University of Glasgow will be taking off very soon. Tomorrow (the 7th) is the beginning of when I can order my final transcript with the Spring 2008 grades, and then I can scan it in and email it off to the people who need it in Glasgow. Once I get my unconditional offer I will also get my housing assignment and everything. So I will be posting a lot more once everything gets going.

My graduation party is this Saturday and I'm really looking forward to it. I will also be going up to Ohio on Memorial Day weekend which will be nice. I haven't seen Mamie and Paw Paw in a while.

So that's it for now....until something else that's interesting happens!

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