Saturday, June 28, 2008

70 days...

Not too much to update at the moment...I've been getting a couple emails from UG/art history dept...and it looks like I will be getting pre-registry (i have no idea what this is. I'm looking forward to actually understanding what they're talking about) and reading lists (I'm hoping it's light reading...and not books..if not...there goes a stress free August!).

I have collected all the information/forms that I need for my visa application! It's all sitting in a folder (minus some bank statements I'm going to print off at the last minute in hopes of having the most up to date information available). Everything will be sent of July 3rd. Kelly (LeBlanc) received an email letting her know that the visa application was being processed and she was notified the next day (via email) that it was cleared. So, I should know by then end of next week at the latest! She also got her passport back in the mail very quickly after the notification as well. It's a huge sticker that takes up the whole page! I'm so excited to get my own! I'll probably have it framed after the passport expires!

I've been having great email conversations with Kelly (Leblanc). She's the other American in my program that I mentioned in an earlier post. She and I seem to have a great deal in common, and it also looks like we'll learn a great deal from each other. It's such a nice feeling to know that when I get over there I'll already have a friend!

I emailed Liz Hancock about my dissertation (aka thesis). She seems to like the idea well enough, and said we can discuss it more once I get over there...but she said there would be professors who would be interested in talking more about my ideas more in depth.

Nothing else is going on with the Glasgow least not that I can think of off the top of my head. I just wanted to update this thing. :)

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

84 days...


Ok, well I think I have recovered from my visa application craziness today. I'm happy to get that part of it done, but I have so much more stuff to do! It's just nuts. I need to get work verification from Indiana University, then I need to get passport size photos, a folder to keep all this stuff in, and I can't even what else I'm supposed to bring...I'm excited none the less. :)

The countdown is at 84 days's going to come up so soon! The other day Mom called UG's housing department and paid my deposit on my dorm. We also found out that we can pay the fee upfront in September so there wont be any bills floating around! :)

This past Sunday, Mom and I went to the Kentucky Renaissance Festival (I know, I know, it's nerdy, but I swear it is the best place to people watch. Everyone comes out of the woodwork...and the stuff they wear. Damn.) I feel bad for those people because 99.98% of the time, they are completely centuries actually..and for some strange reason, people think that dressing like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean equals Renaissance fair....a lot of men in eyeliner...and a lot of overweight girls dressed like half naked's fun to go to..anyways..I'm gonna get off my tangent about RenFaire people...the main reason we went was because there was a "traditional" (but not like hardcore traditional) Scottish band called Albannach performing. They're from Glasgow, so obviously I wanted to go! They were ah-mazing...I just love hearing the sounds of the drums and the rhythms. It's been scientifically proven that drums changes peoples brainwaves, and that's why so many traditional cultures use drums in healing/shamanistic/trance/spirit possession don't need drugs..just drums :)..

Back to the band.... they were great, and I got a chance to talk to one of the guys for a little bit...but mom got a case of word vomit, and kept talking about the weather...I'm not going to get into anymore of mom being silly...I let her know.....but I did ask the guy about the best bars in that was nice to get a handle on bars...cause obviously that's the most important thing...(just kidding mom/dad/mamie/pawpaw :) :))

Ok, that's enough for now....I'll probably post here in a couple weeks after I get my biometrics done in Louisville (thank god they had an outpost there! I was terrified that I was going to have to go to Chicago!!) I think after I get that done, it shouldn't be too long until I actually get my visa! It's on July 3rd, and Erin at work was very cool about it, so that wasn't a problem about getting the day off either. I'm really relieved that it worked out...I really didn't want the wrath of Becky unleashed on me. :)

Ok..I'm done now...time to run errands...oh and it's Laura's Birthday today!!!! :)

<3 <3

3 hours later..

I don't know how "top secret" all of this stuff is, so I'm going to keep this short and vague. I just finished my visa application. It was online and took 3 hours. I'm not even done. The list of stuff I have to do looks never ending. I'll be excited when it's all sent off and my passport gets returned to me with a shiny new visa! :)

<3 <3

[I'm mentally exhausted now...and I have to ask off work too. Stress stress stress!]

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kelvinhaugh Street!


Today at work when I was checking my email during one of our (many) slow moments this Friday, I finally got my housing offer from the University of Glasgow! I am going to be living in Kelvinhaugh Street. It is one of the less expensive campus housing options for post-graduates, but it is only 15 minutes from campus and 20 minutes from the city centre (walking). It is a "self-contained 5 person flat". I have a private bedroom that has a wardrobe, desk, drawers, and a bed. I share a shower with 4 other people, but I really don't think it's going to be an issue. It was worse in Virgina...I think anyways. I'll just have to wake up early enough to get into the shower in time to get ready before lectures, but that has never been an issue for me. I've always been more concerned about my hair and make-up/cleanliness than getting extra sleep. Here are some pictures that are on the website..

So, anyways, I'm really excited. I do not know who my roommates (ahem, flatmates) are yet. I don't think I will know until the day I move in either.....but that's part of the excitement. (...and it teaches me patience... since I lack that...all the time.)

So the day Mom and I arrive to Glasgow is also the beginning time of the International Student Orientation. I know I should go to a lot of the presentations, but frankly, I am already orientated out, and I know I will be sick of any kind of orientation once I get to Glasgow. However, there seems like there are some helpful sessions that will be useful to get a better handle on the silly Scottish things that are different from America (plus visa/insurance/employment/health stuff). Really, I just want to attend the reception in Bute Hall (see the first looks like the grand hall from the Harry Potter films!) Also, the Student Unions have receptions...and there I guess the student unions are actually..unions..and you join them. This might sound totally ignorant to people who aren't from the States or don't know me...but at IU our "union" is just a huge building. It has a hotel, bowling alley, food court, computers, starbucks, etc...but you don't "join" it.. you never pay a fee to be a part of it. It is just there...and there is only one. OH! And there is no bar/club in it either....I think it is really cool that the Glasgow Unions have those types of things in their buildings....safer..i guess? Anyways, I'm getting more and more excited.

I am also going to begin my visa application this weekend. I'm pretty nervous/anxious/etc about it....I've never done anything like this before...and the application is pretty you have to go to certain locations to get your fingerprints take etc etc. It gives me butterflies in my stomach..

Well, I think I'm done updating for now...I'm just getting's less than 90 days I think until I leave! :)

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Unconditional Offer...

I just accepted my unconditional offer from the University of Glasgow.

I'm really going.

This is no longer just a fuzzy dream. It's happening. I am moving to Scotland and I will have my masters September 2009.

This is amazingly crazy.

I am soooooo happy! :) :) :) :) :)

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Degree Junk

Ok, well after having a momentary freak out at the College of Arts and Sciences here at IU. My degree has *finally* been finalized and I can now get my final transcript and FINALLY get a move on with uni stuff (how many times can I say finally in one sentence? I think I'm finally done. ha.) So soon I shall be updating more regularly with information regarding stuff being sent to me via email & post. Also the fun stuff like housing assignments etc!

Also an interesting thing...facebook has proved wonders and I found a girl on there who is from Connecticut and she is in the same exact program as me! It turns out I wont be the only American in my program! She's living in Kalvinhaugh Gate which is the nicer of the 2 main dorms I applied too (a little more expensive but you get a private bathroom which would be lovely). I don't know if we'll room together, but there is a good chance. University of Glasgow likes to house people in similar programs together so that way there isn't a lot of conflicting schedules etc. There are perks and disadvantages I think with living with the other USAer, but it will work out for the best as always. :) It seems like we have a GREAT deal in common which is very very cool. I am so insanely excited to get things going with's less than 100 days now. I know it's going to come up like lightening...and it's going to rock my world.

Laura and Jake got married almost 3 weeks ago...hard to believe, but it was a beautiful ceremony, and I am so deeply happy for them..I cried during the entire ceremony it seems like...ugh totally beautiful.

Work is AH-MAZING! I love love love the people I work with and we have the best time....and I honestly think that as the summer goes we're just going to have more and more fun!!! I have pictures up from us hanging out and working on facebook if you want to see...I'll eventually post them in a more easily accessible place later...but now i'm lazy. :)

Other than that nothing else is really going on. Gerrit visited me for a week, and right now he is in South Carolina. It was nice having him around, it has been 2 years! I also reunited with Kelly in a way which was very cool. It was nice telling stories about our childhood together and all the stupid stuff we used to do (that would ruin our social lives if people found out! hahahaha we were that dorky!)
Well, I think I'm finished updating for now...nothing else going on..and no one really is reading this anyways!