Tuesday, June 17, 2008

84 days...


Ok, well I think I have recovered from my visa application craziness today. I'm happy to get that part of it done, but I have so much more stuff to do! It's just nuts. I need to get work verification from Indiana University, then I need to get passport size photos, a folder to keep all this stuff in, and I can't even what else I'm supposed to bring...I'm excited none the less. :)

The countdown is at 84 days now..it's going to come up so soon! The other day Mom called UG's housing department and paid my deposit on my dorm. We also found out that we can pay the fee upfront in September so there wont be any bills floating around! :)

This past Sunday, Mom and I went to the Kentucky Renaissance Festival (I know, I know, it's nerdy, but I swear it is the best place to people watch. Everyone comes out of the woodwork...and the stuff they wear. Damn.) I feel bad for those people because 99.98% of the time, they are completely off..by centuries actually..and for some strange reason, people think that dressing like Jack Sparrow from Pirates of the Caribbean equals Renaissance fair....a lot of men in eyeliner...and a lot of overweight girls dressed like half naked fairies...weird...it's fun to go to..anyways..I'm gonna get off my tangent about RenFaire people...the main reason we went was because there was a "traditional" (but not like hardcore traditional) Scottish band called Albannach performing. They're from Glasgow, so obviously I wanted to go! They were ah-mazing...I just love hearing the sounds of the drums and the rhythms. It's been scientifically proven that drums changes peoples brainwaves, and that's why so many traditional cultures use drums in healing/shamanistic/trance/spirit possession practices...you don't need drugs..just drums :)..

Back to the band.... they were great, and I got a chance to talk to one of the guys for a little bit...but mom got a case of word vomit, and kept talking about the weather...I'm not going to get into anymore of mom being silly...I let her know.....but I did ask the guy about the best bars in Glasgow...so that was nice to get a handle on bars...cause obviously that's the most important thing...(just kidding mom/dad/mamie/pawpaw :) :))

Ok, that's enough for now....I'll probably post here in a couple weeks after I get my biometrics done in Louisville (thank god they had an outpost there! I was terrified that I was going to have to go to Chicago!!) I think after I get that done, it shouldn't be too long until I actually get my visa! It's on July 3rd, and Erin at work was very cool about it, so that wasn't a problem about getting the day off either. I'm really relieved that it worked out...I really didn't want the wrath of Becky unleashed on me. :)

Ok..I'm done now...time to run errands...oh and it's Laura's Birthday today!!!! :)

<3 <3

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