Saturday, June 14, 2008

Kelvinhaugh Street!


Today at work when I was checking my email during one of our (many) slow moments this Friday, I finally got my housing offer from the University of Glasgow! I am going to be living in Kelvinhaugh Street. It is one of the less expensive campus housing options for post-graduates, but it is only 15 minutes from campus and 20 minutes from the city centre (walking). It is a "self-contained 5 person flat". I have a private bedroom that has a wardrobe, desk, drawers, and a bed. I share a shower with 4 other people, but I really don't think it's going to be an issue. It was worse in Virgina...I think anyways. I'll just have to wake up early enough to get into the shower in time to get ready before lectures, but that has never been an issue for me. I've always been more concerned about my hair and make-up/cleanliness than getting extra sleep. Here are some pictures that are on the website..

So, anyways, I'm really excited. I do not know who my roommates (ahem, flatmates) are yet. I don't think I will know until the day I move in either.....but that's part of the excitement. (...and it teaches me patience... since I lack that...all the time.)

So the day Mom and I arrive to Glasgow is also the beginning time of the International Student Orientation. I know I should go to a lot of the presentations, but frankly, I am already orientated out, and I know I will be sick of any kind of orientation once I get to Glasgow. However, there seems like there are some helpful sessions that will be useful to get a better handle on the silly Scottish things that are different from America (plus visa/insurance/employment/health stuff). Really, I just want to attend the reception in Bute Hall (see the first looks like the grand hall from the Harry Potter films!) Also, the Student Unions have receptions...and there I guess the student unions are actually..unions..and you join them. This might sound totally ignorant to people who aren't from the States or don't know me...but at IU our "union" is just a huge building. It has a hotel, bowling alley, food court, computers, starbucks, etc...but you don't "join" it.. you never pay a fee to be a part of it. It is just there...and there is only one. OH! And there is no bar/club in it either....I think it is really cool that the Glasgow Unions have those types of things in their buildings....safer..i guess? Anyways, I'm getting more and more excited.

I am also going to begin my visa application this weekend. I'm pretty nervous/anxious/etc about it....I've never done anything like this before...and the application is pretty you have to go to certain locations to get your fingerprints take etc etc. It gives me butterflies in my stomach..

Well, I think I'm done updating for now...I'm just getting's less than 90 days I think until I leave! :)

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