Saturday, July 12, 2008


Ok, so I'm currently just sitting in my lonely apartment waiting for Mom and Dad to get here to begin the moving out process (the finale is in 1.5 weeks). I do have some lovely updates to write about as well that relate to Glasgow, UG (University of Glasgow from now on), etc. Yesterday around 5 p.m. my Passport (with VISA!), unopened transcript, stock information, acceptance letter, and mom's bank information was delivered via UPS. Mom and I skyped for a little while and she showed me the visa! haha...(surprisingly we had a really good connection there for a while..usually skype is a little crappy..)

Along with getting my visa, I also received an email from Alisa Boyd who is in the History of Art Department at UG (I seem to be getting a lot of my emails from her now, but I don't remember her official title.) And, for my "enjoyment" (I will enjoy it...don't worry...) she attached a reading list for me to check out in order to prepare for the course. These 15+ books are not apart of any specific class...oh no..this is just prep reading. However the titles sound lovely, Victorian Interiors, Eighteenth Century Design and Decorative Arts, Design and Decorative Arts in Britain 1500-1900...etc

(A couple hours later..)

So a couple hundred (...++) dollars later, I have 12 (ish) books ordered and on their way to home in Borden!!! I'm hoping they'll be on the more interesting side of things rather than painfully dull and boring...but these are guaranteed picture filled I'll be looking forward to diving into them while lounging on the hammock at home. :)

Mom and Dad have just left and I got to see my lovely sticker ( for the UK. It's very exciting! It looks cool, and it just confirms the upcoming adventure I'll be going on!!!

I'll be moving out of Bloomington on the 23rd, about a week and a half from now...the apartment is already starting to look bare...but I'm excited to go home & go to Williamsburg!

Speaking of Williamsburg, Mom and I will be visiting July 28th through August 3rd....and I get to make myself a gown to keep! I'm very very excited about this. I hope that there will be (maybe) an interdepartmental "fancy dress" (Costume) party for Halloween or something while in Glasgow. I plan on bringing all of my stuff on the off chance that there will be a costume/masquerade ball or anything of that nature! It should be great fun if there is, especially since I will have a great ensemble!

OK, I do believe I am done posting for now..until I get more news...or I decide to blog about Williamsburg!!!

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