Thursday, July 3, 2008

Biometric Day!

Well today is the big day! I sent off my visa application this afternoon, and this morning was the trip to the Federal Building in Louisville to get my biometric scans done. Amazingly, it was probably the easiest part of this whole process. We walked in about 30 minutes early, and there was a family there that (I guess..) is moving to Mexico...which was crazy/cool/whatever. Anyways, They take my form and my passport and the do the stamp thing, date/sign etc. When I went back into the room to do my scans it was really easy also. They did my four fingers on each hand together, and then the thumbs. Then they did rolling scans of each individual finger. The print was all blow up onto the computer screen. It was really fascinating to see each of your finger prints all close up and clear, and how each was different. It kinda makes me want to do some more research on fingerprint/patterns/if there is supposed to be any personality connection with them, etc. I just thought it was really cool... the guy doing it was really nice, and everyone who was working in that office was talkative and happy. That always makes everything so much better!! Then I had to have my digital picture taken, and the UK does not want ANY emotion in the I look like a pissed off sad puppy....whatever. It wasn't horrible.

Then we walk back to the car (which was parked at JCC), and mom realized she didn't have her office keys. WEll the we walk over to Janice's office to print off my paychecks/work stubs/bank statements, etc. That took FOREVER. Janice's computer was ancient and very slow, and it froze up. But eventually we got a computer hooked up to a highspeed printer, and we got everything printed off. Then, in my anal retentive glory, went over and organized everything and quadrupled checked the list. We got EVERYTHING. So then I stuffed it into the envelope, and sealed and addressed it. Whew. Then we left, and headed to the UPS hub in Clarksville. Paid for 1-Day air (that will be delievered Monday due to 4th of July). So, hopefully I'll know by Wednesday at the earliest, but definitely by the end of next week. I'm really happy to have that off my hands and in the mail. It needs to be done.

Nothing else is really going on associating with biometrics are done and my visa will be here soon!!!

<3 <3

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