Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Ok, so today in the mail I received my student ID number so I could "pre-register" for school. So with that, I figured out my email address, and joined UG's facebook network (I'm lame), and "pre-registered" for my courses..right now ones that are looking promising are Eighteenth Century Furniture, 19th Century Design and Interiors, 16th century Palaces and Castles, Work Placement, and a course about collections/collecting, etc etc.

I'm very very excited!!! It's about 3 weeks until I leave, and I can feel everything start to gear up for a hectic couple of weeks....

next week i head back to bloomington for the last time to lead an IUBeginnings trip. I'll have 20+ freshmen in my responsibility, and it is a Leadership Challenge trip. It should be a great least I hope so!

Nothing else is going on...I can't wait to get there!

<3 <3

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