Thursday, September 4, 2008

5 days...

Less than a week...I'm getting really mixtures of nerves and excitement... I don't see how I'm going to be able to eat the whole travel time...I couldn't eat anything when I was going to London by myself...I just made the knot in my stomach worse. Hopefully, with mom there, I wont feel as icky. If not...a glass of wine will help calm me down. Because, sometimes, it's just better to have a drink and chill out.

I had a bank scare today. Apparently you're only allowed a maximum of $3,000 purchase/withdrawal from your debit card at any point in time. I didn't realize that you had to ask permission to spend your own money. Silly me. I think everything is worked out now though, and all I have to do is have a nice phone conversation with JP Morgan Chase Bank tomorrow morning.

I also figured out which bank I wanted to give my 2nd child too in Scotland. Lloyds TSB. I'll post account information later for donations. (juuussstttttt kidding...kinda...I'll take donations!) :) :)

This Saturday is my "Bon Firage (Bon Voyage)" party! It should be a pretty good turn out, and I'll be excited to see all of my friends one last time before I cross the ocean indefinitely....and I'll post pictures Sunday or Monday.

Pretty soon this blog is gonna get pretty active... I can't believe it's here.

<3 <3

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