Tuesday, September 9, 2008

7:24 EST...My last few hours..

Ok..so after a few margarita's and a mini movie fest with Zoe last night, I am now running on about 4 hours of sleep, and nerves. Which is fine, I'm hoping my lack of sleep here will result in sleeping on the plane...haha..

Zoe came by last night for a couple of hours. It was nice to be able to see her one last time...she gave me a couple of travel things (wonderwoman stationary, book, and old photos of us from high school). Then we drank Margarita's and watched Stardust (always makes me feel better.)

I can't believe I'm leaving in a couple of hours. I'm getting really antsy. It doesn't help that United put mom in the wrong seat from Chicago to London. We called last night, and they said it would be fixed at the front desk when we get our boarding passes. I'm seriously asking the Universe nicely to make it so Mom and I will sit together. I'm nervous enough as it is...I don't want to have to sit next to a stranger when my mother is a few seats in front of me. I'm going to be a mess of tears this whole time...I doubt that my neighbor will want to sit next to a blubbering 20 something year old girl with snot and the whole works. (hehe use it to my advantage).

So tomorrow...I finally get to "meet" Heloise and Kelly. I'm looking forward to it for sure...I've been talking to them for so long that it will be lovely to finally see them in person and chit chat actually become "real" friends, etc! haha

Ok...that's it for now...I have stuff I need to do.

See you in Scotland...it's here.

<3 <3

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