Saturday, September 13, 2008

And then, I cried.

Ok, so I need to recap my night and today I guess? I'm losing track of time..

Right. So, yesterday evening composed of moving into my apartment, and then coming back to the hotel and getting ready to go out for the night with Heloise. We went to the Glasgow University Union (GUU), where they had 90p vodka mixers. It was...interesting to say the least. First, just the idea of going out clubbing/to the bars on campus and in a campus owned building is something completely unknown to me, and i do believe all of IU. :) So we went to a bar I think it's called "Deep 6" and had to wait 20 minutes to get a drink (not enough bars). Heloise got very testy and irritated, but I was too busy staring at one of the very..very cute bartenders. (omg). She ripped him out a little bit because she was sick of waiting..but I couldn't help but smile at him! haha silly me. So we got our drinks and made our way to the Hive...which is the actual club part of the union.

So, a note on a few Scottish things. 1. I am not impressed by the dancing. haha. sorry any potential glaswegians out there...i'm not impressed. 2. The girls dressing is a little weird at times. Like I said before, I see a lot of tights and boots..and a lot of ugg boots. I have also started to notice that they wear a lot of cowboy boots too. (Speaking of cowboy... they were having a slide show from a theme night at the GUU last year..and I guess it was "the wild west" or something of that nature...but they had a Confederate Flag in one of the photos...I don't know why but this was quiet shocking to me.) 3. People get away with a lot more stuff here without getting their asses kicked, like they would have in the states. For example, in the Hive, Heloise and I were surrounded by a bunch of boys and I guess they were so overwhelmed with excitment about being at Uni, that one boy reached over to another and PLANTED a big ol' kiss on him. Now, I know you're like (abby, gay duh), but the boy that was kissed, was not gay as all of his friends (and the random bystanders, meaning me and Heloise) were staring shocked. Our jaws were to the floor. The guy came up for air and did the wipe of the mouth with the most disgusted look on his face. It was pretty funny. However, I was thinking how in america, the kisser would have gotten his ass kicked by the kissee. It was interesting to watch.

Today was a nice day. I woke up walked back to the hotel (I stayed at kelvinhaugh street) and showered. Then mom and I walked to the underground, hoped on the subway and went to the city centre. We shopped around (they have an "everything's a pound" store...bloody brillant) and found some more department stores, and malls. Mom and I then ate at Zizzi's, which is the same resturant we first ate at in London. I figure it must be like a UK Olive Garden (but better). It was a realy nice indoor shopping mall/retail upscale place.

Then we decided to be tourists and go to the Kelvingrove Art Museum. It was great. My blog title comes from there. I saw my first Van Gogh in person, and I started to cry. Full on cry. It was a wonderful experience for me. The Kelvingrove Art Museum was really lovely, and had great pieces. There was a nice little exhibit on 18th century fashion, but some of their "information" irritated me. First, they started off with the whole, "corsets (meaning stays) were really uncomfortable, and so were the clothes, but the women wore them anyways." UGH NOT TRUE! Sheesh. talk about a pet peeve! But they had a great pieced petticoat and gown. Also, they had men's wear but in the tartan, which I thought was really cool. Here are a few pictures.

So, now the rest of the evening (last night with mom... :'[ will be spent at the first pub we went too, and a drink, and maybe out about town for a bit, then bed.) Tomorrow the interntional student association is having a salsa night...duh I'm going. :)

Miss you all, but I love Glasgow.

<3 <3


Minda said...

I honestly hope you come back with an accent. HAHAHAHA. Then I can make Sean Connery jokes about you. :)

Abby said...

i'm starting to pick up their rhythm of speech if that makes sense...not necessarily the dialect but the rhythm for sure...i'm gonna try and blog's been too hectic the past couple of days..