Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Fresher's Week = More Ridiculous than Little 500 (and Definitely Welcome Week).

Surprise Surprise Surprise, but I have to say that Fresher's Week (Glasgow Uni's Welcome Week on Crack) has in it's first "official" night, just kicked Little 500's butt in ridiculousness.

But first, sorry I haven't written in a couple of days. Things have been really hectic around here. My feet are absolutely killing me, and I'm dog tired (my own fault, so no complaining). Glasgow is getting better and better everyday (but the weather is getting worse..hell it'll change in the afternoon..) I started my program orientation for my Degree, and it's going to be a hell of a year. Lots of fun, a lot of learning and I love love love the group of Art History post grads it's mostly girls but 2 boys, and a healthy mix of Scottish and other countries (aka USA..one girl is originally from Chicago, and went to Miami at Ohio ... small world...but wait gets even smaller...one of the PhD students is studying Costume history and originally went to IU!!!!)

Ok, so let's backtrack so I can cover the past couple of days for me...

So, as mentioned in a previous post, my mom left on Sunday for home. However, as it turns out (everything happens for a reason, so I guess this was for the best..?) her plane leaving heathrow airport had something seriously wrong with it, and after taxining the runway for 4 *yes 4* hours, they unboarded the airplane at the airport, and as it somehow...amazingly...turns out that there was a part broken, and Heathrow did not have the means to fix it. So mom was stuck in London for a night in a janky hotel. I felt horrible, I knew in my gut something was wrong, and I had no way of knowing. She should be home now...it's 4 am at home, and she should be exhausted. I'm glad to know she's home safe, but now let's talk about what I've been doing.

Like I said at the beginning of the post...it's freshers week.. which basically is an excuse here at glasgow to drink 24/7 but on campus property, and is a campus supported event (the drinking and all that comes with it...i mean one of the unions has "hangover" movies everyday...comeon IU get with the program..) It's so ridic that even the volunteer helpers are drunk...which means they're only entertaining and not very helpful...

So Sunday was an all day shopping event with Heloise and we went to city centre..where the "everything's a pound store" became my favorite place. I also picked up flatwear, and silverwear etc at marks and spencers they had great deals. Honestly, if it wasn't for the exchange rate, life would be cheap here. I mean, yesterday I had lunch at the Post-Grad Student union (Victorian building...very cool) and it was only 2 GBP for a big bowl of soup and bread! Even with the exchange rate that's cheap.

So that was Sunday day, and Sunday night was Salsa night at the QMU (Queen Margaret Union) and a Celidh (Key-lee) which is traditional Scottish Dancing (a note for Amy, Brooke, Sarah, and Other CW readers, this is 18th century dancing on crack). I met a lot more new people at the international event, people from Sweden, Finland, Holland, Germany, everywhere..it's a really cool experience, and dispite my initial treatment at the first international event, everyone was extremely kind and interesting to talk to.

Monday was the first day of my Program Orientation. Kelly and I met at 915 am (which i'm getting ready to meet her now, so i might have to continue this later). And we trucked it all the way to campus and were the first to our building. As of now, I only have 3 other people in my Dec Arts program, but some people were missing from our first meeting, so there could be more that haven't shown up yet.

(and yes I will be taking 16th century palaces and castles)

Ok, I'm going to continue this later. It's time to go.

<3 <3

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