Sunday, September 7, 2008

A Going Away Party...

Well...last night was my official "Going Away Party" was incredibly chill and relaxed...the people I expected to show up did...even though I was still anticipating a slightly larger turnout (everything works out for the best my parents just have a LOT of chocolate...oopsy!)

It was a nice of the best parts was I got to spend the day with Angela! She rode down early with Melinda so she just spend the day with me, and I got to show her my hometown a little bit, which was lovely. So we went and ran errands at Meijer (had a lovely talk about how the most random stuff is incredibly interesting and entertaining in different countries), and had lunch at tumbleweed (she wanted a cheeseburger, and I didn't feel like driving very far..).

She also was a great help to talk to. She's been in my shoes...but maybe in an even more stressful situation. Last winter she came from Venice, Italy to IU for Grad school. Her English wasn't 100%, she was traveling alone, leaving her family and beloved boyfriend behind. She did wonderfully and made great friends (ahem, if i do say so myself -- haha), and has come back for her second year. She gave me great advice, and reassured me over the feelings I'm going through right now. Angela was incredibly understanding over the emotions I am going through, and my fears. She really helped me feel better about everything, and reminded me that mom is coming with me, so I will be in a lot better situation than her! :)

Anyways, after our lunch we were pretty sleepy (full tummies), so we found Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire on ABC Family Channel, and zoned out for a couple of hours. She and I both napped and enjoyed the movie.

Everyone started showing up around 6:30-7, and the fire was going ... food and plenty of drink being consumed!!! :) :) I made my sangria per usual, and per usual it was a big hit..needless to say there isn't any left this morning. However, no one got drunk..only 2 bottles of wine ya know?

So pictures were taken, stories were told, and great conversation..i was just kinda in la-la land most of the's all getting very surreal. I leave in 1.5 days. The Day after Tomorrow. This time on Tuesday, Mom and I will be getting ready to land in Chicago, completeing the first leg of our journey.

It's a lot to think about....and I'm just getting very anxious.

So...yeah.. now what do I need to do now? A lot. Maybe next time I write it'll be from the airport? :)

<3 <3


T.COLE said...

Aww my abby is leaving me

John Meara said...

Excited to follow along! I heard you read a bit of mine every now and again. That's awesome you're moving to Glasgow. I'm sure it will be amazing in many different ways. P.S. I have already been pricing out flights to Poland...I promised Jake I'd go! Have an amazing time.