Friday, September 19, 2008

Orientation Damn Near Killed Me.

Hello faithful (or not so faithful) this week has just been absolute has been filled with "orientation" for my postgraduate course (program in american)...and I'm suffering from damn near exhaustion. I was a horrible wreck yesterday, and today I feel loads better, but I'm still a little wah-wah. Anyways, let me see so, today is Friday, and it's 2:03 pm here in Glasgow..I'm trying to recap everything over the past couple of days so I don't repeat myself...

Alright, so it's been pretty straight forward, my schedule, so far has been Orienation/Decorative Arts/Semi-Serious Post Grad mumbojumbo in the mornings/afternoons, and then the evenings are spent enjoying fresher's week and my friends.

So the night after ministry of sound Heloise and I just chilled and watched Little Women on my computer. It was really nice to just relax and go to bed early. Fresher's week is good fun, but that on top of everything else is just taking it out of me. I'm getting old ya know..

So Wednesday I registered, and have officially matriculated (as they call it..silly) here at University of Glasgow! I have my official student ID card (i look younger in it than my IU Campus Access Card and I was only 18 in that photo!!) I paid my tuition up front (no problems thanks to the 3 different 1 hour phone calls to Chase Bank back at home before I left), and that was that. I am only taking 3 classes each semester, and this semester there are 2 required classes and 1 option. So I'm taking Issues in Dec Arts (focus on furniture) and Research Training, and then finally Authentic Artwork (learning to tell what's what etc etc).

The rest of the day I hung out with Fredrik, and then Kelly and I went to this postgrad thing, and had a girls dinner at Islay Inn next to our flats. That night it was the Headphone Disco and I went with what will seem to be the fairly typical group anymore. It was really freaking cool..I forgot my camera (doh!). There were other people who took pics, so if they post them on facebook I'll steal some and post on here for people to see.

Yesterday, I was horribly miserably tired/exhausted/sick, and I drug my ass out of bed at 7:15 am to be at city centre by 8:50 (a bit of a hike and a subway ride...blah). We made it on time, but it wasn't easy! Then the group took a train to the Burrell Collection just outside of the city (I'll probably be there alot to be honest...huge clothing collection). And I had to sit in a conference room for 2 hours. Clearly, I wasn't conscious for most of it...the woman just kinda kept talking..and there is just something so soothing about a Scottish accent on kidding. A plus side to the whole suffer through the morning thing was I finally got to see Highland cows! Plus there were little baby calfs! They were sooo cute and just wanted to take one home! I loved them!

Then we left. that was it. We went through all of that effort to sit in a dark room and talk about people in the glasgow museum community, and what we're interested in. That's it. No real viewing of the collection..I was a little irritated...and so were others..

after that we took the train back to Glasgow and Kelly and I went to Starbucks (I needed a serious coffee kick..I got a Venti Caramel you know this is not normal!) and we ended up running into Mark (Canada) and his flatmate who is from Croatia but has studied at UG for like 5 years now.

Funny little culture quirk in American slang. When I asked Mark's flatmate how he knew Mark, he went "oh, I live in the same flat", and I replied, in my typical american slang, "oh ok cool, so you're mark's roommate?" "No, we don't share a room. I live in the same flat. All the room's are single." Then Mark, Kelly, and I explained that in North America we say roommate meaning flatmate..that it doesn't mean you live in the actual was pretty funny. However, this guy had incredible manners. When Kelly and I left, he stood up in his chair as we left. I have never seen that other than movies! I loved it..I wish everyone was like that anymore..

So then we had 2 30minute meetings regarding our classes this semester and then we're done. I dragged myself home from campus and slept from 4-8pm. I woke up, at dinner and talked to my flatmates for awhile (really like them), and then passed out around 11:30pm and slept until 8 today. I woke up feeling 1000000x better, but I had a walking/subway tour of some museums, and I just wasn't feeling it..i wanted to relax..and nap etc. I went to the Glasgow Cathedral which is what I wanted to see anyways. It was cool..very small though...

So, that's the best update for's 2:38 here now, and I'm gonna rest for a couple of hours and get ready. At 6:30pm I'm meeting Fredrik on Byres Road and we're going to a friends flat for dinner and a little pre-party before going to Cheesey Pop on Campus. I think Heloise is coming too...she's not feeling well either so, she might not do too much tonight and save up for tomorrow....tomorrow the pre-party is at my flat, and I have no idea what we will be doing after that! ridiculousness probably. I still have stuff I need to buy, I still am short on clothes hangers, and this bed i just killing my back, so i'm going to buy a mattress pad just to help with the's just really starting to hurt..

I have reading homework too, and i have to do it..i'm a big kid now in a class of 6 people...i can't bs my way out of this. ;) (I know what you all are thinkin...)

Miss ya'll.

<3 <3

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plus you don't have me to give you a summery before class. good to talk to you this morning dear!!! ~Laura