Wednesday, September 10, 2008


Hey everyone!

I am sitting in the lounge of my hotel getting my internet going. I am loving Glasgow so far (but it is VERY different from London as far as I can see..just the vibe in general etc). It's beautiful though. Ok... so let me fill everyone in on the past 24 hours.

So I said good bye to Cheyenne (dog) and Mom, Dad and I made our way to the Louisville International Airport. We fixed the seat issue for mom and I, and chilled in the crappy lounge area for about an hour. It hit 12:30-45 pm and Mom and I realized that it was time for us to go through security and get this shindig going. It was really hard to say goodbye to Dad...I started crying. It was really hard to say goodbye to him. It's seems so different, this move....more permanent I guess..because I know I can't come home like I could in Bloomington. I am really on my own in a strange city, in a different country, and surrounded by different cultures.

So we get our flight to Chicago and that was easy squeezy (literally...squeeze...I'll get back to that)...We arrive on time, and had zero problems changing terminals etc. We get to the Chicago Terminal that we needed and just sit and chill. We munch on some McDonalds (gross) and just try and relax (me anyways...i'm a nervous traveller). Slightly, off topic, there was this very good looking guy on my flight to London who looks a little like James McAvoy...which I thought was pretty swell. :)haha

So we get on the Chicago plane, no problems...except for 1. THE SEATS HAD ZERO. I MEAN ZERO LEG ROOM! I felt like such a sardine, it was ridiculous. And of course, mom and I had to have the 2 rudest couples on either side of us. One, the lady threw her chair back in the reclining position IMMEDIATELY (highly irritating because of the lack of legroom in the first place. However, we had private video screens so we could pick the movies we wanted to watch, which was lovely. (Made of Honor --how ironic, Sex and the City --classic, and some of Kung Fu Panda --seemed to dumb to care...didn't finish). The other annoying couple were behind us, and they were the loudest talking elderly couple EVER. They kept mom up, and one time the lady grabbed my arm while fiddling with her chair. Scared the crap out of me.

Another annoying incident was i had my head bent down and this old fat woman walks and bascially shoves my head into the

We land early to London (good tailwind and early takeoff). We get through customs no problem (lots more security than what we were used too and what you see in the US). Glasgow takes off late, but it didn't matter in the first place, cause we weren't flying anymore after that. So I got to nap some in Heathrow and on the flight to Glasgow. Once we get to Glasgow we get a taxi and head to our hotel to drop off our luggage.

Now, our hotel is located 5 minutes from my residence hall and 10 from campus. Fate? I think not...but damn I'm good at picking out hotels.

And the extra good news...ALL OF OUR LUGGAGE made the flights! We had zero missing pieces (which for most of you know that is a big of a fear of mine..hehe).

So we get a taxi, he tells us all about Glasgow (beautiful city by the way..oh my lordy), and we get to our hotel, and it's perfect location. We put our luggage in storage, i get a little cleaned up and we head off to campus (really pretty walk...i have was sunny this it's typical glasgow)

Campus was crazy busy with all these Seniors in High School (what ever that is in the UK..I have NO idea) all these little kids walking around.

Sadly, I have not escaped uggboots nor uggboots and spandex pants together...very upsetting...other than that the fashion isn't horrible...i'll have fun!

we catch the last few minutes of my section for international orientat (useless)...and I finall get with Kelly and run into a few other people from facebook land (pretty odd expereice..but fun)...

then after we do that mom and I go eat at the Queen Margaret Union (surrounded by 18 year olds), and nose around campus and figure out how to get to a carphone warehouse (to get my mobile phone). So we have that taken care of..i have 2 sim for international calls (only 4-8 US Cents a minute..can't really beat it.) and one for typical UK...

Then we went to boots and bought myself a hairdryer and striaghting iron....went to starbucks nosed around a bit more, got rained on, and came back to the hotel. fought with the internet and then viola here i am writing this insanely long blog.

So. I'm done now. I'll write more later...i need to conserve battery..

Mom and I are safe, and I'm exhausted, but very very happy. Pictures coming soon!

<3 <3

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Minda said...

So sad about leaving your daddy, but I talked with him out by the fire and he is so so so proud of you and is really happy that you are going to see he world. He said "she's my little girl but I'm happy she's doing this". :) I know I probably just made you cry but it should make you feel better! He also talked about how he did a lot of traveling in his day. LOL.

Freakin' people on planes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I've been on an airplane twice and both times I got some douchewaffle who kicked my seat ninety eight percent of the time. I have to say those were great movie selections though.

Way to pick the hotel from heaven. If I were booking a hotel we'd end up probably 50 miles from anything worth doing. So bravo my dear.

Abigail of course it was beautiful on your first day!! The city was welcoming you and your mom!!!! I am so happy for you! YAY SCOTLAND!!!

Ok why are ugg boots and leggings everywhere!!?? Disgusting. Absolutely vomit inducing. On campus the freaking spandex with a short tshirt thing is getting really really really out of hand. Gross.

Who are these girls you met?? I didn't know you had been talking to anyone!! Huzzah for new friends right off the bat! How do you pronounce the Helouise (sp?) girls name?? It's very interesting. Is Kelly your roomie?

I can't wait for the photos so I can be even more jealous that I'm trapped in southern indiana. :) Just kidding! Be safe! Be happy! Be loved!