Sunday, October 12, 2008

Really? Did that Really Just Happen? Holy Hell.

Hey loves,

So i haven't posted all this week because Giulia has been visiting from Italy, so I have been busy hanging out with her. It's been pretty chill....a lot of trips to the city centre for shopping, etc.

I have a crazy busy day tomorrow with class/trip, I'm going to Hopetoun House and it looks like a Conservation studio as well..hmm...interesting.

the most interesting event from this weekend was definitely friday where Fredrik, Markus and I got into the most ridiculously random bar fight. ever.

here is how it happened. I get furious thinking about how stupid this bear with me.

Fredrik, Markus (not Mark from Canada, but Markus, a friend who is also from Sweden and pretty good friends with Fredrik) and I go to Cheesy Pop at the QMU. We were meeting Heloise there and Giulia was supposed to meet us there but due to mobile phones being stupid as hell, it didn't happen. --anyways-- The three of us started the night at Fredrik's house where we were drinking and playing guitar hero (some college activities are always the same) and around 12:30 we decide it's time to go to Cheesy Pop. So we go, meet up with Heloise and just hang out dancing around (trying desperately to get ahold of such luck) and whatever. Having fun.

Around 1:30 or so Heloise decides to go home and off to bed. I pout, per usual, but let her go. Fredrik decides he wants to go into the main crowd of the dance floor. (why I don' t know. I don't really like it...but he's so freaking tall I don't think he gets how many bruises I can get from most of the time it's so cramped I can't really move/dance) But, anyways, it wasn't miserably crowded, so we work our way through. We find a spot and not 20 seconds later there are these 4 incredibly drunk boys with their arms around eachother, stumbling the point that they just..fall over. no one pushed them or anything...they seriously just fell over. not kidding.

they stand up....and I've come to guess that because Fredrik is so tall, and all 3 of us were staring, the 3 drunk boys decide that it was Fredrik's fault they fell over...? (i told you this was stupid.) So this one guy is just screaming at Fredrik, and Fredrik (who, admittedly was not...sober...but that's not the point) just started screaming back (what would you do if some random person just started cussing you out for no reason? You'd get pissed off as well i'd imagine) So Markus is trying to get the other guy to back down, and I'm screaming at Fredrik to pay attention to me and not to him. I get his attention, remind him that I'm there, and he turns to walk away from the argument. I want to reiterate this: Fredrik walked away. He was not violent at all. Then, apparently, (the rest of this is fuzzy to happened really fast and I got scuffed up in it as well...not badly.) The friend of the guy that was yelling at Fredrik, decided (as Fredrik put it, like a coward) to jump on Fredrik from behind (yeah..cause that's the badass way to do it) and starts hitting Fredrik. This happened really fast, and since it was from behind he couldn't get Fredrik really well...but he did get him enough. Security finally does something (really irritated that they were slow to act) and I guess (assume) the guys got taken out. Fredrik is lucky to not have a black eye, but he's banged up pretty bad on his face...the guy drew blood and Fredrik said that his face was really sore yesterday. I got knocked in the lip, and I have a bunch of random bruises, but I don't really know where they came from exactly...

I realized that I always seem to put myself between the threat and my friends/loved ones. Fredrik is a foot taller than me, ex-army, completely able to take care of himself, and me, his 5'4" girlfriend conciously put herself between him and the other guy. I know this is why I got knocked around, because the other guy was not paying any attention at all, and was completely unaware or ignoring the fact that I was between them. Mom says I come by that honestly...that she's the same way. I'm not surprised...I don't exactly think that our family is known for just letting others deal with things...I can't imagine Paw Paw or Mamie for that matter not being protective of their friends/loved ones...and I know Teckla would be exactly the same way. Dad too...the only difference is dad would have followed the guys out of the bar, and jumped them in an ally. ;)

I'm goign to cut this shorter than planned...giulia has gotten up and it's time to get the day going...i don't know what's going on...all i know is i need to study..bad.

where did my weekend go? :(

<3 <3

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Minda said...

Ok so I just laughed OUT LOUD at the part about your dad! It reminds me of a certain parking lot, getting cut off, and shopping carts . . .