Thursday, October 2, 2008

un petit post

I don't know why I decided to title this post in french, but whatever, I'll blame it on the fact I spend the vast majority of my time with Heloise and French is rubbing off on me (not that she ever speaks it...just her being French makes me feel more French...I get assumed French now whenever people talk to her first...then they ask me if I'm French and I laugh. hehe. :]) ok, well that was a lovely little sidetrack story..

Back to actually posting something other than is Thursday which means my weekend has basically started... I only have classes Mon-Wed, and so Thursday and Friday are study days. So today I spent most of the late morning/early afternoon in the Heatherington Research Club (Post-Grad club ONLY! makes me feel special..but i'm definitely the youngest there!) Heloise and I were there first, then Pamela (from my MLitt Program) ran into us for lunch, and Fredrik texted me so he came by as well. So we all ate lunch at the Club, and then Heloise and Pamela left for class/study and Fredrik and I chilled for a while longer...and I showed him how I have the coolest laptop ever (it's a tablet which means you can write on it, etc cool things like that). Then we had this massive group of older..slightly awkward girls come and sit at our table....and all I heard was awkward conversations about bathing, dieting, children, and children with B.O. I think it took a lot for Fredrik and I to not laugh. (speaking of, he and I had the BEST "Overheard" moment ever...we were walking across campus and all we hear when we walk by these 2 guys is, "I smashed someone's head into a wall once..." I died...I couldn't stop laughing the moment I heard that.) Eventually Fredrik and I left so he could go to the bank, and I could get information for my homework assignment that's due tomorrow and to finish up typing the notes to the readings for my dec arts class on monday (which i also have a 1500 word paper due Monday...blah i hate papers)

This past week was spent going to class and just relaxing for the most part. I studied all day yesterday as well before and after my 10-12 lecture. Then yesterday Fredrik and I decided it was his turn to cook us dinner, and of course Heloise joined in as well! it was very good (even though I did the bacon and Heloise did the pasta...but whatever..;])

The other night we had dinner at Heloise's flat and she cooked this delicious baked savory cake thing with rice and salmon. It was really really good..and then we had wine, cheese, and cheesecake to go with it. (apparently in france it is part of the meal to have a strictly cheese course...I knew I loved France for a reason..). The night got interesting though at the end. Heloise's roommates (mainly the guys/guy in particular/3 out of the 4) have been giving Heloise a hard time. The night before she had told me about how they had zero regard for her belongings, her feelings, and made fun of her accent (I'm sorry, but an Italian should not be making fun of a French woman's accent...that is just stupid.) Plus, his English is miserable. He tried to tell Heloise that she was "jealous with her things". Anyways, she was upset the night before, and the night of our dinner, guess what happened? One of her glasses had been broken, and it wasn' her that did it. She was upset, and I was pissed (we all know how I get protective of my friends...). They used her glass, didn't take care of it, and the reason why she didn't want it to be used in the first place is exactly what happened.

Well, they show up at the end of dinner, and Fredrik and I were there. I had told Heloise before, that I had zero issue being there when she confronts them, and I'll personally do it if that's what she wanted. Her roommate (the italian guy) is the BIGGEST ASSHOLE I have EVER met, and for 23 probably one of the most immature 20-somethings I've ever met either. He made fun of her, blamed the broken glass on her, and basically told her she was stupid and selfish. Clearly after it was apparent he was just pushing her around, I stepped in. Then he and I got into it (with Fredrik standing behind me a little wide eyed I believe..). He wasn't listening, and got a serious attitude with me (or tried too...anyways...). Then he made the biggest mistake of his life, and called me baby. I flipped my shit. [I told Fredrik later that if we had been in America, and I didn't risk deportation, I would have slapped that guy right there.] It took everything I had not to slap him acutally. Anyways, I got extremely angry and said, "the only person in this flat who is allowed to call me "baby" is standing behind me." Then Fredrik stepped in, and being 6'4"+ (italian guy only like 5'8") the guy started to listen to reason plus he told me later that he thought Fredrik was going to "kick his ass" [which again, is funny, cause Fredrik is one of the most laid back guys ever. Even though I heard how angry Fredrik was in his voice...which was eerie.] Anyways, after Fredrik got invovled...amazingly the jerk started to calm down and played nice...kissed up to Heloise and tried to kiss my ass (didn't go over well). Trying to say, let's all go out and be friends etc etc bull bull bull, i'd prefer never to see him again. thank you very much.

I had not been that angry in ages...I mean, I was entering the scary black out angry... but I hope the encounter will help Heloise with her situation with them (knowing they can't bully her around) and I'm proud of her for standing up for herself too...I know how scary that must have been for her...especially once I met the guy and how just ignorant and self centered he was.

That has basically been my week up until now, and tonight is Boston Legal night with the girls, and then going to The Primary for International Student night (Fredrik will be meeting us there with Markus [other swede] and I imagine a lot of my other friends will be there as well!)

Yep, that's my un grand much for it being petit. :-P

<3 <3

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Minda said...

Number one: Do not pick on the French. How dumb do you have to be? I think the French are amazing so little Italy can crawl under a rock and die for all I care. Asshole.

Number two: Why oh why would you pick on a girl with an American friend? It is obvious through film and radio that we do not give a shit about your feelings so don't try and bullshit us. Jeez Abby, will people never learn??

Number three: Why did someone make bacon with Pasta? I am so confused. Also, I love the idea of an all cheese course myself.