Friday, November 7, 2008

Cats (the musical) + Faux Guy Fawkes Day + wrist= not my best night

ok well first off I've messed up my wrist. Being me, the klutz that I am...I fell last night walking to the subway (no, I had not had a single drink...remember who's writing this). What was so hysterically funny about it was I took a step and the voice in my head went, "you're going to fall" and I went, "nah I'll be fine, I'm used to walking in these boots" BAM. Flat on my ass. When I fell my arms immediately went down to catch my self, and in the process I scared some African man half to death, and then I hurt my wrist. I hope it's just sprained or something...but my mobility isn't very good...and it hurts really bad...I kept waking up to it hurting while I was trying to sleep last night. I can see where it is we'll see what happens... again me being me, I'm going to be stubborn about the whole thing.

so that was the beginning of the 6th of November night.

Heloise and I crammed ourselves onto the subway and headed towards Glasgow Greens for the fireworks..we didn't really know what to expect, but we were kinda shocked when we got there... there were big screens with personality people talking to crowds (or attempting to), and carnival rides and fair food. Which was cool...but kinda odd at the same time.. they kept talking up this fireworks display like none other, saying there were 3,000 fireworks this year (apparently a big deal to them).

well, let's just put it this way. Thunder over Louisville is sooooooooo much better.

[here are some pictures for you non-louisvillians so you kinda get what i'm talking about]

and this doesn't even really compare to the real's pretty gnarly in all honesty...

anyways, the fireworks were border line, the music they picked was miserable..i mean, they played almost the whole song, Memory from Cats, but only a 30 second snippet of Queen...really? I'm sorry, but I think Queen's We Will Rock You was a little more appropriate than a Cat singing about memories...barf.

anyways Heloise and I were being Firework snobs...the only cool thing about it was where we were standing, the oblisek was in our view and so the fireworks were behind it ... created a ncie view... I tried to get pictures but my camera was dead (per usual)

after the fireworks were over, Heloise and I high-tailed it back to the city centre and to waxy o'connors before everyone else...we parked our butts on some comfy sofas and waited for the others to arrive.. The bar is very cool...and full of little knooks and crannies...which is fun..

And to sum up the rest of the night, I got pissed off at Fredrik. It's better now. But my angry face came out hard core (you all who've seen it know what face I'm talking about). I'm over it now..

so yeah...

So that was my night. Hurt wrist, poor fireworks/guy fawkes, and fredrik pissed me off.

Hopefully today will be better...

oh i have to sit through a conference all afternoon.


<3 <3

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