Sunday, November 23, 2008

Just Enjoy the Show.

Hello lovers,

Hard to believe isn't it? I'll be home for Christmas in less than a month. In fact, it is one month till Christmas (Eve...but I still put it in the "Christmas" day category cause Christmas Eve is AWESOME). Anyways, I'm getting down to the wire, and I feel all desire to do anything productive draining from my body. I just want to sleep..I don't really know why...but I'm just not in the mood for much. However, I did finish and practice my timed presentation and I had 30 seconds to spare within my 5 minutes, and I was speaking very slowly, so I do believe my presentation will be good to go.

Other than that I'm stressing out a lot and I can feel myself getting into that "no sunshine/end of term/stressed out/minor homesickness/mini depression". It's time for me to get back into the countryside and enjoy my Christmas. I knew that my move to Glasgow would be a big deal, and it would be difficult and enjoyable at the same time. That it has for sure. A lot of journeys have begun for me, and some I hope last longer than others. I have a great deal of work to do, and I feel very much out of the loop when in regards to my work. I shouldn't be stressed out about my assignments. I've had it a lot worse, but for some reason, they're really hanging over my head, and I just feel like crawling into bed and never coming out. Not until I come home anyways.

I hope that Christmas will get my energy recharged and when I come back to Glasgow in January it will be smooth sailing.

I had a good weekend. Friday was Mark's birthday, and we went out to a pub called the Ivy and then to a club at a hotel. The club was tiny and the music was good (house music..but still fun). Interesting things happened though over the course of the night. Some really good stories actually.

First story, I saw a guy get thrown out of a stretch limousine hummer. Out of the window. It was hilarious. They were stopped in the middle of traffic in the centre of Glasgow, and I guess he just pissed off his friends way too much, and they literally pushed him out of the window. He lost a show in the process, they threw it at him. In return, in the middle of this intersection, filled with traffic, he proceeds to pick up his shoe, and attempt to beat the guys in the limousine with it through the window. Then he tries to crawl back through the window. Didn't work. Then he decides to pull one of the guys out of the window. Didn't work. The whole time everyone in the taxi was watching this fight with complete and total fascination. Only in Glasgow. I swear to god. What was even funnier, to me, was Fredrik had just told me this story about his friend Mike (here in Glasgow) that got into a fight with a "ned" (trashy guy/gal wanna be hip-hop trash I guess? hard to say/explain) anyways, that Mike got cut off/almost ran over by this ned, he yelled random curse word (too inappropriate to repeat on blog) and car stops. Ned gets out. Swings at Mike. Mike ducks and responds, hits him just right and knocks ned out. Then looks down, sees overpriced shit sneaker on ned's foot. Takes ONE off and throws it in the river. Walks home. (hilarious if you ask me). Anyways the fact that I heard one sneaker fight and witnessed another in the same night was highly entertaining to me.

Second random story. So Mom and I saw this band called Albannach at the Kentucky Renaissance Faire (hello nerd stamp...) and they were really good. I liked them...tribal scottish stuff..good drum beats to trance out to. Anyways, they're from Glasgow. Apparently they're not on tour at the moment because once we arrived at this teeny tiny club. Guess who I saw? A band member, drunk and dancing to house music. Made me laugh. I introduced myself and told him I knew the band. He bowed down to me...well deserved I must say. (probably was just amazed that a woman under the age of 35 knew of the band and wasn't total white trash/groupie....cause that is what seemed to be the fan least when I saw them). Anyways, it was just odd. Only my life would I run into a random band member of a random band.

Yesterday I went to Ikea with Fredrik and Heloise...and bought stuff for my room/ thanksgiving. Then I got sickish (guessing from the hot dog from Ikea) and didn't go out. Stayed home and watched A Muppet's Christmas Carol, Love Actually, and Flight of the Conchords DvD.

Today I finished off the rest of my presentation that I'm giving on Tuesday, watched Marie Antoinette and am trying not to freak out about my essays due the 2nd week of December. Perez Hilton introduced me to a new artist. Lenka. Her lyric is the title of my blog. I think I need to make it my mantra for the rest of the year. Here's the video to it...

The Show

It makes me's quirky, and I like that. Plus, I like what she's saying...I keep trying to tell myself that. Not enough sunshine makes me serious I think. I woke up the other morning to bird's chirping..I almost cried...I realized I never hear them anymore.

I never thought I'd miss the countryside as much as I do.

<3 <3


Anonymous said...

I just ran into your random blog about the random band member of the random band. And yes, if they were in Kentucky they were on tour. They live in Scotland and often go to local clubs after they perform and dance and drink. They are just regular guys. As for the bow and the politeness that is just how they are to their fans which is why they have "groupies" from all walks of life and all age groups and from all over the world. My grandaughter has loved them since she was two. She is five now. One of their oldest fans died recently at 80 something. And there are a whole lot of us that wouldn't appreciate being called middle aged white trash. I don't know what you look like nor do I really care, but trust me, you were nothing special to him I can assure you! People like you are a dime a dozen and they band knows PLENTY of your type.

Anonymous said...

I do apologize for my stupidity. They were in Scotland. As you mentioned Glasgow and the Kentucky Ren Faire, I thought you meant Glasgow, Kentucky. They have been there quite a few times and I didn't read your whole blog. As for the rest of my comment, it stands.

Abby said...

Dear Anon,

I have taken your posts very seriously, and have posted my response to them on my blog. This little comment section just did not give me enough room to type. If you wish to read it just go to the front page of the blog, or just go here which will just automatically take you to the front page of my blog.


Anonymous said...

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