Wednesday, November 12, 2008

A Sub-Pub Crawl: an Epic

Meri and I

Alright boys and girls now is the time in the blog that I will share with you a story about a wonderful Glaswegian adventure and tradition known around the world as the "Sub-Pub Crawl". What is a sub-pub crawl you might ask? Well let me give you some background information. A sub-pub crawl is when a group of over 18s (legal issue) decide to buy a "discovery" ticket on the Clockwork Orange (Glasgow Subway System that is circular and orange in color...hence the name) and starting at the first stop of choice (usually the one that is nearest to everyone's home) you get a drink at the nearest (or most preferred and still extremely close) pub to the first subway stop. There are about 15 stops (1 stop has no pub within walking distance, so this means you must drink at least 2 drinks at 1 stop) and the goal is to go to each stop and have at least 1 drink before the pubs close (11-midnightish). The time restraint requires the crawling to commence early in the afternoon/late morning. My crawl started at 2pm and ended 12am. So yes, I succeeded in drinking alcohol for 10 hours straight and did not die (nor was I hungover the next morning either...amazingly)

As mentioned before, the reason for this subpub crawl was for my Finnish friend, Meri (mary). It was her 21st birthday, and she had friends from Finland in for a visit and to help her ring in the big 2-1. We met at a pub called The Captains Rest (haha) between St. George's Cross and Kelvinbridge subways. (But for our purposes it would be St. Georges Cross as 1st stop). There I had a Strongbow Cider (pint) to begin the journey, and also I always think of Paw-Paw's stories about falling into the gutters in the streets of England during WW2 after having cider in pubs. So I figured today was the day that if i was to ever fall into a gutter, this would be it, and I would honor my very cool grandfather by drinking a pint of cider first. :)

So from there we begin. The people you will recognize in this story (other than myself) are Fredrik, Markus, and probably (maybe..) Meri. My friend Selma who's from The Netherlands was also in attendance, but I don't think I've mentioned her on here before (hullo Selma!) It starts off really chill, in all honesty. Fredrik and I had met for lunch before the crawl started so we were filled with cheese and nutella crepes. :)

I'm going to try and keep the stories in linear order, but clearly, the amount of pubs, and the ridiculousness that we went through on this night makes it difficult for me to keep things in order. However, I want to let everyone know that we were always safe, no one got hurt, and any headlocks that I might have put Fredrik in weren't that horrible. (haha)

The pub crawl starts... and since it's early I just want to take it easy as time goes on. The plan is to go south of the River as soon as possible and get out of the bad part of town as quickly as possible. This is crucial because it does become unsafe for subpub crawlers if you are in the south side after dark and later on into the evening. Granted it gets dark here at 5, but no one is at the pub yet, so almost all the places we went to were empty while we were there...which was comforting.

I start with a cider, and then move on to a malibu and pineapple. Then...the Southern Comfort comes into play. It's my shot of choice, and since we were doing shots so often (Drink and run for safety purposes) I did..a lot.. of them that day..but it's fine. When I was getting sick of SoCo I turned to Bailey's (less alcohol and kinda soothing on the stomach). I was concerned about getting myself sick (so many choices), but I was lucky. The smart thing about subpub crawls that if you stick to just one drink, the time spent travelling around etc, makes it difficult to get extremely drunk. It takes a long long time. (however if you drink doubles or more than one drink..that's not my problem). Fredrik and Markus stuck to beer and whisky (they really...really...really love their whisky). So as time went on, ridiculousness insued..which was great fun.

The first funny thing that happened is actually Fredrik and I got into a fight...but this is later on into the evening and it was over something incredibly dumb and hysterically funny (in my view). And wouldn't have happened if we hadn't been drinking. From what you can see by some of the pictures I've posted so far...there were a lot of really really dumb pictures that were taken of Fredrik and I. One of them, I took of him doing something stupid...anyways, he decided he HATED it and wanted it deleted immediately... well, he grabs the camera from my hand, refuses to give it back, and begins messing with all the buttons on my camera looking for my delete button (which is funny cause it's fairly clearly marked blue trashcan!) and I'm just laughing at him as he's desperately trying to delete the photo. I refuse to tell him (to my amusement) how to delete the photo..he then decides to threaten to delete all of my photos...which was not ok with me. So what do I do? I demand he give me my camera back. He refuses. This goes on for a few more minutes. His argument that since he took the picture, it is in his ownership and therefore he has the right to delete it. I say no, it is my camera and my sd card therefore it is my photo, whether he took the photo or not. This kept going and going, and we argued about who's argument would hold up in court (totally judge Judy worthy if you ask me...haha). And eventually I get fed up and walk over to his side of the table...and...well..I kinda put him in a headlock...yep...and we argued for a little while longer, and then he finally gave up and gave me back my SD card (this is after I started calling it my SIM card, and he so brilliantly pointed out, "I do not have your SIM Card. I have your SD Card, and no I will not give it back." haha) So I get my card back, and I make him wait like 5 minutes and then I deleted the picture. I had plan on deleting the picture after he showed such a horrible desire to remove it..but I was fighting for the purpose of the matter (it being my sd card and my camera). So we both won, but it was funny.

The next funny story involves Fredrik's shoe sole. fell of them did...but this was at the end of the night, and he starts yelling, "I'VE LOST MY SOLE!!! I'VE LOST MY SOOOOOLLLEEEEE" Which just resulted in me dying with laughter..I thought it was he then decides to start walking with this ridiculously exaggerated limp and as a result looks like his right leg is 2 feet longer than his left. Well I was busy laughing at him..but I was too embarrassed to be seen next to him..he was looking too ridiculous....

Finally, I just wanna say that it was a great Saturday, and I was very thankful that I wasn't near death on Sunday. It was a good time, and I'm really happy I finally got to experience a sub-pub crawl..I'm sure I'll do another one..but I really want a theme this time! hehe!
we found a pub w/ karaoke! I sang Proud Mary (for Meri!)
I just think this is a really funny/cute picture
Fredrik, Me, and Selma being silly

<3 <3

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