Saturday, November 8, 2008

Sub-pub Crawl...eek.

So it is 10:58 here in the morning..and my flatmates are slamming doors and making loud noises as they seem to enjoy doing every weekend morning..(irritating when you're trying to sleep)

Today, I will be embarking on my first Sub-pub crawl. What is this you may ask? This is when A group of incredibly ambitious (or stupid I have yet made up my mind) peoplw decide to meet at a pub early in the afternoon and start drinking. And they have at least 1 drink at every pub, and then they go, buy their discovery subway ticket (meaning we can ride all day) and go around the circle subway and get off at everystop, go to a pub and get a drink.

I told fredrik he'll probably be carrying me home the end of the day...he said only if he was able to. (this is very true, it is very possible that I will carry him home...with his taste for Scotch..)

But, when it's your friend's Meri's 21st (omg!) have to celebrate. I have charged up my camera..getting ready to hop inthe shower, meet fredrik for a big lunch, start crawling, and I will be prepared to post all ridiculousness that will follow.

I also told fredrik I will demand Domino's pizza at the end of this journey (which I know will be over at 11 or 12 tonight...which is comforting.) [please note: dominos does not compare to pizza express at 2 am...but it will have to do.]

Wish me luck o' readers of mine. For I have never done anything this ... ridic before in my life.

<3 <3

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