Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, this is just a warning post.

My christmas has been borderline ruined this year because of someone hacking into my paypal account on the 23rd and purchasing a 1,250 USD camera w/ my debit card (plus a 50$ shipping charge). I was fortunate enough to not have enough money in my account, and recieved a phone call asking to verify a purchase (the camera) which I couldn't do (obv). So now, I'm dealing with that. I had to cancel my debit card/report as stolen. Then I had to put a freeze on my credit so no credit cards/etc can be opened in my name, and am currently paying 12$ a month for unlimited access to my credit reports. All because some bastards tried to buy a Canon Rebel SLR camera for christmas.

I'm livid. Not just because of dealing with sitting on the phones. I'm livid and hurt because someone did not care that they have ruined my christmas, my week, possibly my whole stay at home. I'm paranoid now, have had to change all of my passwords etc because I don't know how these people hacked into my paypal, what they know about me, etc. It's been ruined. I can't believe how selfish people are.

So, I'm just writing this as a warning. Watch your stuff online. Watch paypal if you're an ebayer, just becareful. I would seriously consider opening up a random bank account that isn't associated to anything to protect the rest of your accounts. Or not using ebay/paypal at all. I sincerely doubt I ever will.

On a plus side...i got red leather ladies 18th century shoes from Burnley and Trowbridge for christmas. :)

Merry Christmas lovers.

<3 <3

Friday, December 19, 2008


thought that title was obnoxious enough... hehehee

i'm still in ireland..our plane doesn't leave till 830pm but we're not leaving for the airport till 6 or so..just becaue dublin traffic and me not being from the eu and actually flying out of a "real" airport could take some time..

ireland was cool...but i'm really excited for tonight in glasgow...

i'll write more later...

i'll be home sunday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

can you believe it?!


Sunday, December 14, 2008

Wee Update....still haven't finished old posts..i know i know

well, you all have dissappointed me first off.

I know i have readers out there. you all tell me all the time, "oh i read your blog blah blah blah" etc etc.

I write a post, for you to respond to, and melinda (ever so faithful melinda) is the only one that responds.

ya'll friggin' let me down! Really though, I don't care if I don't know you or not, just comment, I want some feedback.

Ok now actually posting.

Life has been ah-mazing here in glasvegas since I've gotten back from Belgium. Couldn't be happier actually, so it's a bit of a bummer to be going home now when I finally feel like everything is in order, but I am excited to go home and see you lovely blog reading, no comment leaving friends and family of mine. I'm dreading the flight though, just because it will be irritating..and I don't like flying around by myself. ( I have a great time when I'm with people though...hahah Kelly Leblanc knows this! :])

Anyways, I leave for Ireland tomorrow evening, and I have a great week instore for me. Ashley is super stoked about mine and helo's visit (and I'm crazy excited to see her again!), So we arrive Monday evening into Dublin, and Tuesday we'll explore the city, guiness factory, etc. That night we're planning on hanging out and getting rowdy at Temple Bar, and ashley will be crashing in our hotel since she lives so far outside the city, and she's coming to Kilkenny with Heloise and I on WEDNESDAY! (sooo excited) should be great shopping in Kilkenny, so lovers, expect cheesy gifts from Ireland (except for you Mamie, I got you something from Brussels cause you're special! haha). Thursday we're going on a bus tour to Blarney Castle and Limerick. I'm excited about this too..not like I need to kiss the blarney stone for the gift of gab...pretty sure I got enough of that to last 2 lifetimes, but a little more wont hurt! :)

I get back around 930 on Friday evening, and then then mayhem really begins. It's Markus's last night in Glasgow (omg sooo sad about this..) and so he wants to go to the 12 hour cheesy pop. Fredrik and I have decided to go, and thankfully, not stay the whole time...since we planned on day trippin' to Edinburgh for last minute christmas gifts for our families etc (little did I realize that I was his gift planner for the women in his family....kinda hard to do when you don't know them...but ohwell i think I helped?) I'm looking forward to going to Edinburgh with him a a mini-vacation!!! It's sad too tho...cause we both go home the next day. I arrive in Chicago at 3:20 chicago time, and then start the long journey back to the ville...either via car (preferred) or suffering through flight delays (lame lame lame)

Oh! and i have the plan for me next semester! I'm very excited about it, and I think it will be a much more exciting and fun semester compared to this heavily confusing and academic one. I got my Work Placement, and it's the one I wanted! I will be working with National Trust of Scotland in Museum Education! I'm very excited because I am the only one that exact WP (another person is at NTS too, but doing a different thing), and I get to organize and present multiple art related talks! The two I'm really looking forward to is the one where I have to dress up as an historical character and speak to school kids (i knew i brought that gown for a reason!) and then the other one I'm really excited about is giving an adult education art history class! I can talk about my love for art, van gogh, netherlandish renaissance, omg sooooo excited to do that! Also, I'm hoping that my sweet american southern charm will win over the NTS and they'll want to keep me for a 'real' job once I'm done! I've been doing a lot of thinking about what I want to do after I get out of grad school, and I really think Museum Education is the right path for me at the moment, curatorial work will be my reward when I'm older I think, but right now, at my age, and just energy & knowledge I would love to work in Museum Education. That's why I'm so excited about my work placement!

The other 2 courses I'm doing are Student Exhibition (wee! talk about resume builder! it's going to be at the Paisley Museum...write more when I know more) and then 16th century palaces castles and their interiors! Sounds like a lovely well rounded time for me, and I'm excited for the next few months! I feel like this first semester was the challenge months, full of tests, trials, lessons, and growth. Now I feel like everything has fallen into place, I've proven myself and passed my tests, now it's time to really enjoy this experience and start growing, and gaining more adventures and stories.

So that's the plan for the week and near future. :) I have missed you all so much, and I'm so excited to come home and see all of you. I love you bunches and muches and muches!

oh, and I've discovered my new letters from the past...not just from great men..but from the past...god they were romantic you goose bumps. What happened to that? Why are we (men and women) so terrified of being romantic and emotional? I think we should be...gets the blood going. Maybe that will be my New Year's comfortable with my romantic and emotional feelings and just let them loose. (hold on tight fredrik...who knows what my resolution will turn me into!!!)

<3 <3

Friday, December 12, 2008


I'll write more tomorrow, but this was the best line I've heard from Scotland in a long time,

"Stop eatin' their food, and buy them a drink!"

Said to a guy hitting on me, Amy, and Kelly tonight at the Islay Inn Pub next to Kelly and I's flats. Priceless. Friggin' Priceless. hahahaha.!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Guest Bloggers...Please Comment...

Well, I just woke up from a nap in the library...fredrik was so kinda as to take a picture of me mid nappy. Thanks Fredrik...thanks a lot.

Anyways, I put a post on facebook, but only Melinda (of course) responded. I was thinking about having "guest bloggers" to my blog. Aka people like Fredrik, Heloise, and other friends etc write about our adventures here in Glasgow and their perspective on their experience here. I figured they could wirte about things they do with me etc, so that way you all still get updated about my life, but you get to hear it from a different source...who in most cases remember embarassing stories about me that I happen to forget to mention on here. hehe.

Anyways, if you read my blog (I don't know who does because I don't get a lot of comments...minus melinda) Could you please let me know if you all would like this idea? Just leave a comment on this post, you don't have to put your name if you want to remain anon, but I would just appreciate some sor to feedback..

Ok, now back to Mr. Magoo's Christmas Carol via Youtube and my Authentic Artwork Essay.

<3 <3

Monday, December 8, 2008

Culture Shock: A Scandinavian Student Dinner Party (aka getting drunk in heels and a dress and singing songs in languages you don't understand...) melodies you recognize about penises, fat ugly women, sex, drinking, and babies.

thank you Scandinavian Student Dinner Party (SSDP from now on). It's called something specific in Swedish/Norwegian/Finnish/Danish, but I don't know all the words, so whatever. Anyways, let me explain to you all about this insane student tradition that Fredrik and Markus put together (with the help of Meri and a Norwegian girl named Eldri). The purpose of a SSDP is to get dressed up in some form. In Sweden they have these cover-alls in bright colors and you can put patches on them, sometimes they just wear these (informal SSDP), and then sometimes they go all the way up to white tie (think White House formality...even with silly Bush). Well, after much debate (Markus and Meri (?) orginially wanted to do a theme dinner, everyone else wanted an excuse to get dressed up. Including me. Duh.) So it was a semi-formal dinner. Yay for me on this one, let me tell you. I was stoked to get all dressed up and wear heels again. (off topic, I really need to live in places that are ideally located to uni/work either by close walk to subway, or close to where I work. I hate having to dress sensibly.) So I get dressed up. I wore red lipstick. I fixed my hair. I was happy. I looked damn good too if I do say so myself. :) I also made pumpkin pie for Markus because he was going to have to miss thanksgiving dinner. So I truck my tush to the Heatherington Research Club on campus....

I was really impressed by what a good job Markus and Fredrik did for the dinner. A part of me thinks that no one expected it to be that nice, since it's the hrc and it's not known for fancy-pantsy, plus 2 boys running something doesn't always turn out well...even if Markus and Fredrik are like an old married couple (which they are) [I say this with the greatest love for both of those boys, who are both incredibly classy, but they're still boys.] Everyone started showing up, all dressed up. It was cool I was one of the first ones there which was nice.

Oh, before I forget, let me point something out here. I was 1 (yes 1) of 2 (yes 2) non-scandinavians there. What does this mean? Well it means I made a new friend (yay new friends!) Who's name is Angus, originally from Scotland and plays bass in the band Acutones (which opened for Westlife, and was incredibly shocked when I had a "who the hell is westlife" reaction. Clearly, I'm not up to snuff on British culture, but I think the UK needs to reevaluate their love for boybands and girlgroups (Westlife and Girls Aloud = lamesauce). Super cool guy though, and it was really nice not being the only non-scandi there.

So, anyways, what do you do in a slightly awkward social situation (with a potentially annoying language barrier?), drink. And that's what I did. That's what everyone did. It was a requirement. I paid 25 quid for this fancy dinner, and i was going to enjoy the hell out of it. So we have the welcome drink and mingling while waiting for everyone to show up and dinner to get started. It was lovely hanging out with a lot of my friends (Cecilia, Agnete, Meri, so on etc).

So the dinner starts, and not within 2 minutes I was forced to sit awkwardly in my seat while I had 20-something scandi's singing about booze. It was awkward. 1 because I had no idea what was going on, and 2 i didn't know the song and 3 i couldn't pronounce the words to sing i just sat there with this dumb gapping mouth look on my face at everyone singing their bloody brains out.

this kept going.



singing every five minutes. literally. I wanted to eat, and it was like the moment i filled my mouth with my delicious goat cheese and balsamic carmalized onion tarte i would hear "BANG BANG BANG BANG TEMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM

Drove me slighty bonkers. Ya'll know me, I like my food, and I don't like not being allowed to eat when it's sitting in front of me for sitting awkwardly at a table while tipsy scandis were singing.

however, apparently it's normal to eat cold food at an SSDP. So I just gave up the dream of a warm dinner. So I drank.

There is a special alcohol they serve at SSDPs similar to Schnapps. They sold it at Ikea (figures), and Fredrik and Markus bought multiple bottles for the dinner. It's called AquaVit (life water) and it tasted like badly flavored everclear (or rubbing alcohol) and you are required to drink this stuff, in shot form. and if you fail or don't do what you're told, you get punished...which just means you get sung at and forced to finish the drink.

After the aquavit burned my throat and warmed my tummy, i got less awkward and started pretending like i knew what was going on. ha. ha. ha. silly me. but it made it a lot easier for me, and a lot more fun (cause I started singing the songs!!!)

All in all it was a fun night, and something that I know was a special experience for me. I got to experience something that was unique to Scandi culture, and I think that's really cool. It was awesome to see boys and girls not concerned about "looking cool" (like they would in America) and singing silly songs again and again. It would never have happened in America, and for that Scandi-ville gets my respect. They had fun, and I had fun with them. I just had to drink enough to start understanding Swedish, Finish, Norwegian, and ... gaelic?

Here's a vid of the birthday song (also the picture of me standing on the chair is from this song), and it's Cecilia and Meri (November birfdays), I love what Cilla does with her glass at the end (girl on the left).

Well, that was my first SSDP. Apparently, there will be one in the spring. Plenty of time for me to remember IUs fight song, and other drinking songs (other than 99 bottles of beer...)

<3 <3

Lykke Li Concert

Hey Lovers,

Ok so what I've decided to do is write about each of the exciting things I've been up to individually, so that way I can keep my brain in order, cause we know me...I'm a bit of a scatter brain and having essays due and crazy busy stuff, it just makes it worse for me....

So the first thing to write about on my little list is the Lykke Li concert that I went to a couple weeks ago (before Thanksgiving). I don't know if anyone from home has heard of her, but she's a Swedish artist (popish) that I found on iTunes beautiful "free single of the week" feature. It was a music video of hers, and it was pretty awesome. Anyways, I found out from my Swedish/Scandinavian friends that she was coming to Glasgow, and tickets were only like 12 pounds. So I introduced Lykke Li to Heloise and we decide to go (well she decided to go with me, I had already decided to go in the first place.)

Anyways it was at a venue called The Arches, which was very cool. It's located in what looks like abandoned train platforms which are situated underneath Central Station. It was huge and dark and damp smelling...kinda like what you would expect from Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Plus you could hear the trains when you're in the bathroom...thought that was really cool. Anyways, the concert was good. More rock n roll than I expected, and that was fine for me. She came off a little errr... pretentious...i think that's the word I'm looking for here...but she still put on a decent show.. Here are some pictures..

Ok. 1 many more to go??


Wednesday, December 3, 2008

quick update..

So I can't talk, cause it's damn late, and I have to get up early tomorrow cause.....I'M GOING TO BELGIUM! woooooweeee! i'm excited to get out of Glasgow for a couple of days, a nice little vacation! :)

Anyways, Thanksgiving went excellent. So did the Scandinavian Student Dinner Party, and Lykke Li concert.

I'll write good proper blogs after I get a break. Probably when I'm home for Christmas.

<3 <3