Friday, December 26, 2008


Well, this is just a warning post.

My christmas has been borderline ruined this year because of someone hacking into my paypal account on the 23rd and purchasing a 1,250 USD camera w/ my debit card (plus a 50$ shipping charge). I was fortunate enough to not have enough money in my account, and recieved a phone call asking to verify a purchase (the camera) which I couldn't do (obv). So now, I'm dealing with that. I had to cancel my debit card/report as stolen. Then I had to put a freeze on my credit so no credit cards/etc can be opened in my name, and am currently paying 12$ a month for unlimited access to my credit reports. All because some bastards tried to buy a Canon Rebel SLR camera for christmas.

I'm livid. Not just because of dealing with sitting on the phones. I'm livid and hurt because someone did not care that they have ruined my christmas, my week, possibly my whole stay at home. I'm paranoid now, have had to change all of my passwords etc because I don't know how these people hacked into my paypal, what they know about me, etc. It's been ruined. I can't believe how selfish people are.

So, I'm just writing this as a warning. Watch your stuff online. Watch paypal if you're an ebayer, just becareful. I would seriously consider opening up a random bank account that isn't associated to anything to protect the rest of your accounts. Or not using ebay/paypal at all. I sincerely doubt I ever will.

On a plus side...i got red leather ladies 18th century shoes from Burnley and Trowbridge for christmas. :)

Merry Christmas lovers.

<3 <3

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