Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Question: How does the old man get across the road?

Answer: By demanding me to walk him across that road.

Side note: Man had very few teeth and what were left were a gnarly yellowish-orange color. His mouth kinda reminded me of Jabba the Hut's. Which makes me feel bad because I like old people. He just should have gotten dentures about 30 years ago. I mean...it's not like there isn't free health care in the UK or anything...


A comment on weather:

Glasgow, Scotland is 45 F today, partly cloudy with a slight drizzle this evening.

Borden, Indiana (hometown just north of Louisville, Kentucky): 25 F (way below 0 C), freezing rain, and apparently lots of snow.

I prefer the 45 with a bit of rain.

Yay Glasgow!

<3 <3

Monday, January 26, 2009

Fame, Burns Night, etc etc

Hello Lovers,

So this past week was good fun. Fredrik and I went out to see Fame! (my christmas present) this past thursday and it was a wonderful time. It was on a Thursday evening, and I was fortunate to not have anything that day, so I took my time getting stuff ready, homeworkin', etc and went over to Fredriks around 230-3. We get ready to go out, and he wore the new shirt I bought him with his Winged Skull cuff links I also bought him for Christmas (it was a night of Christmas presents). We get a taxi and go to city centre. We had talked about where to eat before and the idea of Tapas came up (love tapas)...and we found a small tapas restaurant right on Sauchiehall street not 2 blocks from the theatre. It was Ah-mazing! It's called Torres, and the prices were good, the food was great, the wine was great...the only down side was that the portions were tiny for tapas. Food was so good, it didn't really matter. We ate well, had good wine and didn't spend tons of money (well...Fredrik didn't). Then we went back to the theatre got another drink (my treat) and waited for the show to start. Fredrik was lovely and thoughtful and was very specific in his seat selections (he knows how I am picky about where I sit in theatres). We were in Row E (1st row = A) So we were in perfect view of the stage...unluckily for me a really tall woman sat infront of me and at times blocked my view, but i just looked around her.

Rant: I do not like Scottish manners in the theatre. Not. At. All. Period. End of Story. I love the idea of bringing food, as long as your not loud (chip bag openers.) I hate that they cat called the actors during the production (this is not a panto.), and I did not like that they did not stand at curtain call. I couldn't take it anymore, and I finally stood up. I've worked on stage for far too long to not give the respect of standing to actors, I don't care if I am in a different country. I will stand for the work I know they go through. Even if the show wasn't superbly awe-inspiring take my breath away amazing (like Wicked). I stand. They sang well, they danced well, the acting was a bit campy. Group Bow=Stand.


Then Fredrik and I went out to a pub of his that he loves, and it was nice. I had a marvelous time with him, and I think he did as well. I'm very happy we got to have that chance....42nd street is coming...I wanna see that!

Friday Night was just a chill night, I made chili and Fredrik and I watched Stardust and drank Margaritas. (obviously a perfect night to me)

Saturday we went shopping in city centre and then i tought him how to play Beer Pong. (Question: If 2 balls make it in the same cup, after the first turn, does that count as an automatic win? What does this mean? What is protocol? This happened and I didn't know quiet what to do...) Anyways, I won! It was a 1-1 game, and I managed to win! (This has never happened with me making the single cup shot...). After this we went over to Mark's girlfriend's (Rozelle) flat to celebrate Burn's night a wee bit early. We actually read some of his (burn's) poetry and ate cake and played games. Again, it was a chill night.

Today I had a really interesting unplanned lecture about the Stirling head sculptures at Stirling Castle. My professor Dr. Sally Rush is doing a lot of research over them, and it was really interesting for me (the whole early 16th century mild obsession etc bits).

Friday my course and I went to Stirling Castle for an all day tour. It was pretty cool, and it will be much cooler once they're finished re-doing it. I am excited for this project because they are doing the castle how it would have been in the 16th century, as detailed and as accurate as possible. So they are trying to make something that actually looks like it would have when people lived in it, and not a vague worthless idea. I'm excited about this. Some people think that we should just use our imaginations, but I like the idea of getting lost in a fantasy, and I think being in a building that is designed for someone from 1500 is a good way of doing this. (past life bleed over?ha)

Tuesday I have lecture in Palaces and Castles, which I'm really enjoying. I'm really happy with my course choices this semester, I like my homework, and I like my hands on experience. I just kinda wish my Work Placement wasn't so random day wise. But that's the way it is, and that's what I'll deal with.

Not too much else going on I guess. Mom's booked her flights here (with VICKY!) from May 25th-June 4th or so. Bittersweet really....Mom will be coming, which will be great to see her, but she'll be here when Fredrik's getting ready to leave/will be leaving...so I might lose both of them at the same time. :( Not going to be a fun week I imagine.

Now, it's time for dinner and studying.....

<3 <3

Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Full Week Back!

Hello Lovers,

Well it has officially been one full week (yesterday) since I returned back to Glasgow, and I have to say I'm happy to be back. I really enjoy it here...though I've decided I live in a walk in closet w/ a bed and not a proper bedroom/flat. If there are any readers on here who found this blog and are considering moving to Glasgow/ attending Uni here...my advice is to rent a regular flat, and then attend all international events. Though this flat was good for meeting people at first, it's over priced and poor accommodations compared to where my friends live (some right next to campus and the subway). I miss living in my own apartment...it was nice feeling like I actually had a home...there is something about residence halls that don't feel like home...too sterile and here they do room inspections and we're not allowed to hang anything on the wall...

So, my life in glasgow would be close to perfect if i had a lovely victorian townhome flat to live in...i guess I'll have to wait till September.

Classes are good, and I'm crazy busy. It should be a good semester. I'll have lots of deadlines and research to do, but mostly for my thesis, as I'm only taking one "taught" course on 16th Century Palaces and Castles, which I'm really excited about, and I think it'll be fabulous. The other course I'm taking is the Student Exhibition which should be good fun even with the inevitable brawls that will occur with 12 women trying to organize something (esp since many are very headstrong) I luckily have fallen into the "i don't care I just wanna enjoy it and make it the best possible" category and will try and maintain a neutral standpoint on all things.

My workplacement should continue to be awesome. I feel like I've entered another Williamsburg. It's a small group of people, and everyone is really cool and laid back. It should be great fun working there and getting to know all the people (plus the fashion show- OH MY GOD i'm excited!)

Right now we're hoping to turn it into a ladies luncheon tea thing and have a themed menu (like the 1770 or the 1860) where will create a menu that is fitting for the period (aka tea/coffee/hot chocolate a sandwhich and a sweet. ) if you have suggestions let me know please! :)

I spent all day in the library (literally 1 pm till 10pm. good lord.) and will not go back tomorrow but instead opt for finishing my work here at my walk in closet and skyping with people and doing more reading for 16th c palaces.

This friday we go to Stirling castle all day. I'll obviously be posting pictures sometime after.

This thursday is going to be very exciting! Fredrik and I will be going on my christmas present! He was absolutely wonderful and gave me a very thoughtful gift of 2 tickets to see Fame! The Musical. I am incredbily excited for this because 1. it was very thoughtful and sweet of him to buy the tickets. He's only ever seen Chicago, and even then he doesn't remember it. So basically, he's never seen a musical before, and never had an interest to see them either. So he's going with me because he knows how important the theatre is in my life, and is willing to risk 3 hours of torture to make me happy. I'm praying that Fame will be ah-mazing, and he'll enjoy it. I would hate it if it's a horrible production and then I'll never be able to get him to see another one ever again. (I hope he loves it...we'll see..he's a bit of a music snob). Plus I think we're going to go out for dinner and drinks before and after. Coincidentally enough, one of my Christmas presents to him was a nice white shirt from Express and skull cufflinks (couldn't help myself). The sleeves are a tad short (cause Fredrik has crazy long arms), but other than that, it fits him well. Hopefully they'll lengthen with a decent iron. I hope he wears it when we go out (hint hint hint fredrik.)

Also, exciting news: LAURA COMES ON VALENTINES DAY! For over a week I'll have my laura all to myself. I can't wait to see her, as I've missed her dearly. It'll be good to talk to her again and have her around to throw thoughts around with. (us and our conversations. hehe)

That's all that's really going on for the moment..it's quater to 1 am here, and i've started the movie The Duchess, though I suspect I'll be in bed very very soon.

<3 <3

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adventures with the Scottish Rail System..

So today was my first meeting before I start my work placement at Pollok House this semester. I was supposed to be at Pollok House at 3:30 pm this afternoon. Right. Ok. I was done with class at 12, and had lunch with Fredrik at 1. We left and went to the city centre at 2. (he was going shopping and looking for knee pads for his caving trip this weekend). I went to the train station, bought my tickets to Pollokshaws West. Found my train (leaving at 3:07 getting me at the entrance to the park at 3:17) That was the earliest train I could get. Right. Ok. I was going to catch the courtesy bus to Pollok House when I get there, and everything will be fine. I'll be ontime no problem-o. WRONG. wrong wrong wrong. get this: At the station I see that I'm supposed to go to Platform 4 for the correct train. The train that made about 5 stops and terminated at Barrhead. Ok. So i go to the only train on the platform (with about 10 other people) and we get on, sit down, etc. Then a conductor comes on and yells that we are supposed to go to the 'first' train which means the train that is "infront" (blocking the other train). So, what do we do? We go to the train. right. ok. no problem again. no. wrong. think again. (fyi: this is the stupid part) I am sitting in my seat and I hear the normal garbled Glaswegian announcement of the stops on the train. As far as i could make out, it sounded right. Then I hear the automated (and understandable) announcement that said, "This train is for Barrhead. This train stops blah blah blah Pollokshaws West blah blah Barrhead." Ok Great. Then about 3 minutes later there is another garbled Glaswegian announcement and more people get on the train. I don't think about it, since I figure it's just the same announcement (not like I can understand it anyways). So the train takes off...and then I hear, "This train is for KILMARNOCK. The First stop is BARRHEAD."

I flip out.

Me and about 3 other people (no more than 10 on the train originally for barrhead) are stuck on this train. I have no idea where Barrhead is. I have no way of contacting Pollok House/Allison my boss. So the conductor comes up and I see him talking to 2 guys that I saw get on my train (original for barrhead...the RIGHT train) and I go up and I say you know, "what the hell happened, I thought this was for barrhead, I'm going blah blah blah." The conductor says taht they JUST changed the trains and he even had to run over here to make sure they were on time He then tells me Barrhead is only 15 minutes away and that we can catch a train bacck towards glasgow that will stop at pollokshaws west for me to go to. I will be late though.

Then a nice guy told me to call a uk - esq 411 and they connected me through to pollok house...which was comforting. So I had to ride the train to barrhead being talked to by 2 Scot men who 1 was very nice but missing much of his teeth, the other one took 20 minutes before he started asking if I had a boyfriend and my number (Thank GAWD for Fredrik in that case). So i'm being forced to hang out with these 2 very interesting scotsmen and then had to ride the train back to pollok house. I get off at the train stop (thanks to 4 glaswegians helping me...i appreciated it, but i'm not stupid...but again speaks to the niceness of Glaswegians) then I go to the bus stop hoping that one was on its way. No. It was 3:45 at the point, a 15-20 minute walk to Pollok House from where i was and a 15-20 minute wait for the bus. I walked. Carrying 2 heavy bags, and my new Born boots. I get there at 4 pm.

Good news? She changed my requirements, and I'm going to be working on an HISTORICAL FASHION SHOW to raise money for Pollok House!!!!!!


Then she gave me a ride back to my part of town in her 70's gold bug. But it was pouring rain and by the time I got into my flat I looked like a drowned cat.

That was my day. I'm exhausted and I have to be at a corner for her to pick me up at 815 tomorrow morning. Plus side? I get to dress up in a victorian costume.

That was my adventure to Pollok House. Hopefully taht will be the only time that happens.

<3 <3