Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Adventures with the Scottish Rail System..

So today was my first meeting before I start my work placement at Pollok House this semester. I was supposed to be at Pollok House at 3:30 pm this afternoon. Right. Ok. I was done with class at 12, and had lunch with Fredrik at 1. We left and went to the city centre at 2. (he was going shopping and looking for knee pads for his caving trip this weekend). I went to the train station, bought my tickets to Pollokshaws West. Found my train (leaving at 3:07 getting me at the entrance to the park at 3:17) That was the earliest train I could get. Right. Ok. I was going to catch the courtesy bus to Pollok House when I get there, and everything will be fine. I'll be ontime no problem-o. WRONG. wrong wrong wrong. get this: At the station I see that I'm supposed to go to Platform 4 for the correct train. The train that made about 5 stops and terminated at Barrhead. Ok. So i go to the only train on the platform (with about 10 other people) and we get on, sit down, etc. Then a conductor comes on and yells that we are supposed to go to the 'first' train which means the train that is "infront" (blocking the other train). So, what do we do? We go to the train. right. ok. no problem again. no. wrong. think again. (fyi: this is the stupid part) I am sitting in my seat and I hear the normal garbled Glaswegian announcement of the stops on the train. As far as i could make out, it sounded right. Then I hear the automated (and understandable) announcement that said, "This train is for Barrhead. This train stops blah blah blah Pollokshaws West blah blah Barrhead." Ok Great. Then about 3 minutes later there is another garbled Glaswegian announcement and more people get on the train. I don't think about it, since I figure it's just the same announcement (not like I can understand it anyways). So the train takes off...and then I hear, "This train is for KILMARNOCK. The First stop is BARRHEAD."

I flip out.

Me and about 3 other people (no more than 10 on the train originally for barrhead) are stuck on this train. I have no idea where Barrhead is. I have no way of contacting Pollok House/Allison my boss. So the conductor comes up and I see him talking to 2 guys that I saw get on my train (original for barrhead...the RIGHT train) and I go up and I say you know, "what the hell happened, I thought this was for barrhead, I'm going blah blah blah." The conductor says taht they JUST changed the trains and he even had to run over here to make sure they were on time He then tells me Barrhead is only 15 minutes away and that we can catch a train bacck towards glasgow that will stop at pollokshaws west for me to go to. I will be late though.

Then a nice guy told me to call a uk - esq 411 and they connected me through to pollok house...which was comforting. So I had to ride the train to barrhead being talked to by 2 Scot men who 1 was very nice but missing much of his teeth, the other one took 20 minutes before he started asking if I had a boyfriend and my number (Thank GAWD for Fredrik in that case). So i'm being forced to hang out with these 2 very interesting scotsmen and then had to ride the train back to pollok house. I get off at the train stop (thanks to 4 glaswegians helping me...i appreciated it, but i'm not stupid...but again speaks to the niceness of Glaswegians) then I go to the bus stop hoping that one was on its way. No. It was 3:45 at the point, a 15-20 minute walk to Pollok House from where i was and a 15-20 minute wait for the bus. I walked. Carrying 2 heavy bags, and my new Born boots. I get there at 4 pm.

Good news? She changed my requirements, and I'm going to be working on an HISTORICAL FASHION SHOW to raise money for Pollok House!!!!!!


Then she gave me a ride back to my part of town in her 70's gold bug. But it was pouring rain and by the time I got into my flat I looked like a drowned cat.

That was my day. I'm exhausted and I have to be at a corner for her to pick me up at 815 tomorrow morning. Plus side? I get to dress up in a victorian costume.

That was my adventure to Pollok House. Hopefully taht will be the only time that happens.

<3 <3

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Hey, Planning kinda iffy recovery was great. You did good..The Indian