Sunday, January 18, 2009

First Full Week Back!

Hello Lovers,

Well it has officially been one full week (yesterday) since I returned back to Glasgow, and I have to say I'm happy to be back. I really enjoy it here...though I've decided I live in a walk in closet w/ a bed and not a proper bedroom/flat. If there are any readers on here who found this blog and are considering moving to Glasgow/ attending Uni advice is to rent a regular flat, and then attend all international events. Though this flat was good for meeting people at first, it's over priced and poor accommodations compared to where my friends live (some right next to campus and the subway). I miss living in my own was nice feeling like I actually had a home...there is something about residence halls that don't feel like home...too sterile and here they do room inspections and we're not allowed to hang anything on the wall...

So, my life in glasgow would be close to perfect if i had a lovely victorian townhome flat to live in...i guess I'll have to wait till September.

Classes are good, and I'm crazy busy. It should be a good semester. I'll have lots of deadlines and research to do, but mostly for my thesis, as I'm only taking one "taught" course on 16th Century Palaces and Castles, which I'm really excited about, and I think it'll be fabulous. The other course I'm taking is the Student Exhibition which should be good fun even with the inevitable brawls that will occur with 12 women trying to organize something (esp since many are very headstrong) I luckily have fallen into the "i don't care I just wanna enjoy it and make it the best possible" category and will try and maintain a neutral standpoint on all things.

My workplacement should continue to be awesome. I feel like I've entered another Williamsburg. It's a small group of people, and everyone is really cool and laid back. It should be great fun working there and getting to know all the people (plus the fashion show- OH MY GOD i'm excited!)

Right now we're hoping to turn it into a ladies luncheon tea thing and have a themed menu (like the 1770 or the 1860) where will create a menu that is fitting for the period (aka tea/coffee/hot chocolate a sandwhich and a sweet. ) if you have suggestions let me know please! :)

I spent all day in the library (literally 1 pm till 10pm. good lord.) and will not go back tomorrow but instead opt for finishing my work here at my walk in closet and skyping with people and doing more reading for 16th c palaces.

This friday we go to Stirling castle all day. I'll obviously be posting pictures sometime after.

This thursday is going to be very exciting! Fredrik and I will be going on my christmas present! He was absolutely wonderful and gave me a very thoughtful gift of 2 tickets to see Fame! The Musical. I am incredbily excited for this because 1. it was very thoughtful and sweet of him to buy the tickets. He's only ever seen Chicago, and even then he doesn't remember it. So basically, he's never seen a musical before, and never had an interest to see them either. So he's going with me because he knows how important the theatre is in my life, and is willing to risk 3 hours of torture to make me happy. I'm praying that Fame will be ah-mazing, and he'll enjoy it. I would hate it if it's a horrible production and then I'll never be able to get him to see another one ever again. (I hope he loves it...we'll see..he's a bit of a music snob). Plus I think we're going to go out for dinner and drinks before and after. Coincidentally enough, one of my Christmas presents to him was a nice white shirt from Express and skull cufflinks (couldn't help myself). The sleeves are a tad short (cause Fredrik has crazy long arms), but other than that, it fits him well. Hopefully they'll lengthen with a decent iron. I hope he wears it when we go out (hint hint hint fredrik.)

Also, exciting news: LAURA COMES ON VALENTINES DAY! For over a week I'll have my laura all to myself. I can't wait to see her, as I've missed her dearly. It'll be good to talk to her again and have her around to throw thoughts around with. (us and our conversations. hehe)

That's all that's really going on for the's quater to 1 am here, and i've started the movie The Duchess, though I suspect I'll be in bed very very soon.

<3 <3

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Minda said...

Yay for Laura coming to visit you!