Monday, February 2, 2009


So it snowed in Glasgow today. Big fat wet flakes with lots of wind. Watching it from the comfort of a warm and cozy room means that it was lovely. Walking in it sucked. I had to walk in it a lot...more than what I got to sit and enjoy from the comfort of a warm and cozy room.

I'll try and remember to take pictures tomorrow...not like an inch of snow is really that big of a deal, but England is freaking out about it.


<3 <3

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Minda said...

I'm gonna point out that I was stranded in Indy for four days because we got 14 inches of snow. I was shoveling and some guy with a plow came by and said "Oooooo Looks like you have a big job in front of you" I said "Yeah, but it's ok . . . I'll get it done eventually" You and I both know what I was expecting to happen but here is what ACTUALLY happened:
"Well Good Luck!" and he drove off.