Sunday, March 22, 2009

1780s-1790s Jacket- A Mini-Series

Hello Lovers,

So you will probably notice a new aspect to my blog, titled "mini series". Let me explain... as I mentioned in an earlier post, Fredrik and I are going to a masquerade ball (18thC) at Kalmar in October, and I will be making....everything. Shifts, shirts (fredrik is, but I want to document it), petticoats, gowns, trim, waistcoat, breeches, coat, etc etc. And I've decided to try and keep an regulary updated blog about what I'm doing and how it's going (i've had a few requests). So the first thing I am working on is a 1780s-90s fitted jacket to prep myself for the gown i'll be making for the ball (brooke's amazing idea!)

So, this is the first post, and I have progress to report, and a few pictures.

First, Brooke cut and draped the pattern to me, and I cut out all the pieces in plain muslin for the lining and then the deep red cotton for the fabric.I have 4 back pieces that are now whipped stitched together instead of taking one large panel of fabric and pleating it down like I did in my nightgown. I'm doing this because this will be how the back for my Zone gown will be for the ball. The only difference is that I will be adding boning to the back of the ball gown to give it a better look when I add a bum roll etc etc.
cutting out the back pieces

One of my bodice fronts all cut out.

As of right now I have completely lined and whipped stitched the back pieces (all 4) together, and I will post pictures of them shortly.

Next on my list is to attach the lining to the front bodice pieces.

Then from that point, I can either A) Fit the front to the back or B) make the sleeves up before doing any fittings at all.

I'll probably do B just because it's easier to take around with me. However classes are done at the moment, so it's not like I have a lot of places I need to be.

However I need Fredrik's mirror to do the fittings well, as mine is very very tiny.

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Minda said...

This is just the coolest project ever. It was awesome when we sat outside behind the Union and you sewed your other dress you made. Good luck!