Saturday, March 21, 2009


hello lovers,

So apparently in Scotland they actually sell convertibles. Clearly Scotland has a high demand for roofless cars. I mean, it's so damn hot and sunny here all the time, it's really the only way to try and enjoy this crazy hot weather. Yesterday, I felt like I had reached the 7th level of hell, I was sweaty, hot, gross, exhausted from hauling my bag around in 57 degree weather while the red Ferrari holding two douche bags zoomed passed me without their top on. Oh, and then came the VW Bug converitble, some ugly Ford, that French car brand, and another VW, a Toyota, Mercedes, BMW, etc etc. you get the picture.

Ok. So. I was kidding about the 7th level of hell thing. That's not true. It was nice yesterday, and it was nice the day before. In fact spring has been welcomed to Glasgow for a full 3 days of sunshine and warmth. It has been lovely, I get to wear sunglasses and not walk around in a wool coat.


But, I have a rant: (as if you didn't pick up on that already)

Why would citizens of Scotland own convertibles?

Can we say "waste of money"?

Convertibles are at prime use when the temperature reaches around 75 degrees. The only time the weather in Scotland reaches that temperature is in the middle of July at the peek of "summer". Not in mid March with the first glimpses of a nice spring and 50 degree weather. Dudes take note: it's warm in the sunshine, but it's still chilly in the shadows, and you driving around in your car with your top down is not going to be a warm and pleasant driving experience. How on earth were they comfortable? It's like me (a person who knows what heat is, and 57 degrees is not it), walking around in tights, jacket etc, and watching stupid girls walk around in tank tops. Same thing as the convertibles...IT'S NOT WARM ENOUGH YET. PUT YOUR TOP ON. (haha what a pun)

I really didn't get it. I mean, the convertibles (and lack of clothing) weren out in full force yesterday on Sauchiehall Street. I guess this is like crazy hot for Glaswegians, but's not warm enough to justify a car that has a removeable roof. Not in this country, and not in this climate.

However, I do need to clarify that most of the cars were extremely high end (yes i did see a red Ferrari convertible with 2 douche bags in pink button ups included)** So I'm assuming that these wealthy Glaswegians own more than 1 car and this was their "yay it's warm car!" and had the extra money to drop on an impratical purchase, but ... i mean... really... a convertible?

It's like driving a snowmobile in Florida.

They spent all this money on a convertible that you can drive maybe 7 days out of 365?


Get a sunroof.

However the weather here reminded me how nice it will be when Fredrik and I go to America in July and I can actually be jacket less. woo hoo!

Now, it's time to get back to my essay!

<3 <3

**To clarify (after my "white trash" critique, I'd really prefer not to have douchebags send me hate mail, as they're just annoying): Not all Ferrari owners are douchebags, nor are all men in pink shirts douchebags. However, I feel justified when two guys in a red Ferrari convertible in Glasgow rev their engines to go 10 yards from one stop light to another in an attempt to over compensate for what must be extremely small appendages.

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Minda said...

and no one could look hotter than we did in peter's Lexus convertible anyway so why bother?