Tuesday, May 19, 2009

1780s Jacket Completed..minus trim...

Hey hey lovers that have probably given up on me.

So my jacket is finished, and has been for a while, I've just been too busy/distracted/unmotivated to post about it. Now, I'm going to do a finishing post with pictures! (woo) Ok, so when we last left off (eons ago) I had whipped stitched my back pieces together and here is what they look like...brooke and i were splitting a bottle of wine over chinese food when we decided to patter these out, and my clumsy-ness accounts for the wonky fit of the far side pieces, but it didn't/doesn't matter as they were hidden by the sleeves.

After that I did about a half/half construction of the sleeves and the bodice. Brooke and I already knew that the bodice was going to be crazy large for the fit from the start, so I was prepared to hack off a large chunk of it during the fitting. And, luckily for moi, my amazing engineer of a boyfriend is also an AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING (did I say AMAZING?!) fitter! OMG Fredrik was a god's send. Absolutely. So once I got my bodice pieces and their linings sewn together it was time to venture to fredrik's and got to the fitting. I ended up cutting off serious chunks of bodic fabric in the end, but the fit was lovely, and i'm really satisfied with it. Though I've noticed with every fitted 18thC piece I've contructed my stays ALWAYS take a peek from the neck line, and it's annoying. Grr. Anyways, picture time!

Doesn't he look thrilled?

Me being a nerd. The fitting looks so wonky with me not in a shift. However at this point I hadn't made a shift yet, so..yeah just wore a cotton top. No difference really, it just looks dumb. The shoulders straps proved to be a pain later when fitting the sleeves, and that caused a late night tantrum, but I pulled myself together and got it all fit. Back to being shiftless, I kinda like how you can see what the stays do to your 'healthy' bits, makes them useful. ;)

Next, I was working on my sleeves. I have a big arm issue, and I really like having tight sleeves with my 18thC clothing. That means, the sleeves drafted for me are never small enough (and I'm always hesitant to fold fabric over when sewing the lining in etc. So I'm always left with really re-doing the first sleeve...did it about 3 or 4 times? yeah. blah. 2nd time around my memory recovered and it turned out a lot nicer. I got them to fit nice and snug around my arms which was good. Fitting them to the bodice was a bit of a challenge (no surprise there) and Fredrik again proved to be sent from heaven. God bless him. He managed to fit my sleeves and put the pleats in as best as he could to where I wanted them and made everything fit as smoothly and as snuggly as possible. (I see his head growing now as he reads this..har har har).

Both sleeves one is either finished or folded just so yall can see what they look like.

This is a photo of my crappy backstitching of my sleeves (backstitching = what machine stitch comes from..but it's better)

Funny Story Time: I was trying to fit my sleeves myself at Fredrik's one afternoon while he and everyone else in the house were gone. That day, the power to most of Glasgow and parts of Scotland got cut. Fredrik lives in a suburby area and I was in his room when everything went dark and their burglar alarm started beeping (see where this is going?!). Well first I had images of 'SCREAM' running through my head (Rauchill isn't the safest part of Glasgow), and then panicked I was going to set the alarm off, and would have to deal with cops and what not and it was just horrible. Plus other house's alarms were going off along with car alarms. So I decided (like a moron) to just stay in Fredrik's room and try and work until he came back. I called him several times (he was climbing) and to no luck. So I kept working until it was too dark outside to see properly, and then the power came back on. What does this mean? Well 1. The internet returned and I could entertain myself on facebook. 2. I didn't know if the alarm had reset itself and so I was trapped in Fredrik's room for around 3-4 hours waiting for him to come home.

He came home with no burglar alarm set. I wasn't actually trapped in his room. He laughed at me. The End.

Ok, so now after fitting the sleeves it was time to do the skirt. I'm fairly happy with it, but I should have made it a bit longer. I had enough fabric with a nice selvedge that I decide to use that to avoid hemming. Also, I really enjoy pleating (though I totally eyeball it and never measure...not like I had a ruler until yesterday anyways) and pleated that up quick quick. I couldn't remember if Brooke said to slip stitch or top stitch the skirt in, but I opted for top stitching just because the skirt was being a menace and I was short on patience. It's ok, but I'm annoyed that there are ripples in the back, especially since I know it wasn't like that before the skirt. However topstitching, no boning, and no weight kinda made it do that...so sort of out of my control. Here are the pictures.

It was a lot of fabric, but I cut off the top bit.

Here is the skirt attached. One other thing that is bugging me is the lining is peeking out and it's annoying the crap out of me..however no one really notices it, and i'm going to make sure that doesn't happy with the masqurade gown.

So, now the jacket is 'done' I still don't have it trimmed. Mostly because I was sewing this, a shift and a petticoat for the fashion show. Shift is rubbish, but it works, and the petticoat is needing some fixing. I literally did it in like 4 hours, and it's a bit too big and the hem's screwy. So I just need to fix it a bit, but I just have been too lazy/busy. (Repeated theme.)

Also, sadly, there are no pictures of me in my jacket. however there pictures of it being worn at the fashion show! (That devil that took over my life, final project for my work placement.)

Model: Kirsty. She was really close to my size, but almost too big, so the fit was crazy tight...She has the kerchieft on to cover her girls and also to help with the outfit...but it's done! it's been worn! I will trim it! Woo!

I personally thinks she looks fabulous, and my lovely red shoes are sweet too!

The End.

<3 <3

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