Monday, May 18, 2009



so ive been crazy crazy busy the past month + thus no real desire to update here in blog land. however now i have reached the point where my classes are done, the fashion show is finished, the exhibit has opened, and i went on my course trip to liverpool (very cool btw). Now its just on to dissertation and what not. Im going to try and be better about updating, i just lost the desire to do it as it was becoming more of a chore than something i was enjoying. But i think im just going to try and not write as much, as that's what is so annoying..i feel like i sit here and write for eons. Anyways, here's the update for the summer events of my life.

1. Mom comes to visit! (next week!)
2. Paris avec mon mere, Vicky and Fredrik!
3. Mom leaves. :(
4. Fredrik leaves :( :( :(
5. I go to Sweden for a few weeks! :D
6. Spend July roaming around the uk looking at collections with brooke and working on my gown and such for the masqurade ball (we're offically going!)
7. Hopefully finish the dissertation by august.
8. Go home for a visit.
9. Turn in dissertation Aug. 27th.
10. Job?

Here's hoping.

<3 <3

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