Thursday, July 23, 2009

Educating the Swede for America

As we speak, I am currently educating Fredrik on some of the beauties of being from Indiana/Kentucky/Mid-west.

You know what I mean...

country music..

I think he wants to kill me now, with the amount of music videos I'm making him watch...haha...

So far I've made him watch, Garth Brooks- Friends in Low Places, some George Strait - Cross my heart, and George Jones..

I really do think I'm driving him bonkers, but I find this really fun...haha


Minda said...

I have to say I'm shocked you haven't shown him Hank's "Hey Good Lookin'" or possibly Toby Keith's "We'll put a boot in your ass, its the American way" . . . I don't know the actual name of the song.

Abby said...

Um, totally did make him watch Hey Good Looking, that was after the post. He actually knew that song, from an old record when he was a kid, but didn't know that it was hank williams sr. He also didn't know who he was or hank williams jr. or willie nelson, waylon jennings, etc...but he knows johnny cash.


I hate toby keith....I will not promote him.