Wednesday, August 12, 2009


Hmm how ironic almost 1 year ago today, I was waiting to go to Glasgow..and now I'm waiting to go home.

Fredrik is currently in Prestwick airport getting his stuff together to hop on a bus to Glasgow bus station...

only 1 more hour till he's here and 7 hours until I'm on my way to the airport!

eek! no sleep tonight!!!


Geotacs said...

looks like you may have to change your title to "Glasgow Outbound" :)

waiting, transitions... that's life


Glasgow said...

Glasgow outbound!

We are sad to lose u :(

Anonymous said...

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Abby said...

Geotacs: Yeah, you're right, I am trying to think of how to 'evovle' my blog title...especially since my adventures are still continuing, but just not in Scotland! :)

Glasgow: Thanks, I am a bit sad to leave and to leave my friends here, but after being home in sunny 30+C weather for 2 weeks...I'm not going to miss Glasgow's weather. ;)

Dr Davon Jacobson, Md: Thank you very much! I'm glad you are enjoying my blog. I began writing for myself, but also for people who could use a good laugh every now and again. I'll check out your health blog, for sure. As I travel more and learn more about different cultures and their health practices, I am becoming increasingly interested in the subject. Especially American health vs. European health...if there is such a thing.