Monday, September 14, 2009

Hey what's up Linköping?

I've successfully made it Linköping Sweden for a few days now, and am starting to get a bit relaxed for my temporary resting place. I've been a bit sick, but I think it's just a cold/allergy/sinus mess I got from weather changing and Fredrik having a touch of something when I got here.

so far so good. I like Sweden very much on a shallow level. The inner workings of the gov't and all that jazz isn't what I'm about at the moment. I'm just a tourist right now enjoying hanging out with my boyfriend for a little while before I head home to America.

It's been fun. Fredrik and I went to this big party on Friday and I got to wear 'standard' Swedish college party wear....according to Linköping anyways...

it was a good time, and then the next day was this big tug of war event that we went to. Also a good time....watching a bunch of drunks tug o war themselves into a drag usually or some sort of crazy costume is always good for a laugh.

Other than that it's been fairly quiet. Fredrik and I went and rode bikes yesterday...about died right there....I'm getting better at it...mostly taking off from stop is tricky for crosswalks and i are not friendly yet....but makes people it's the least I can do.

I guess we'll just see how long it takes for me to get more adjusted while I'm here. I'm listening very closely to when people speak swedish...I hope to improve at least a little bit...


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