Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Foggy day in Linköping

So a few things of note this morning.
1. My boyfriend is really hungover, and it's a little funny...even though I feel bad he left his wallet here and can't get into his office. Looks like I'll be making a trip to campus here ina few minutes.

2. He's actually very brilliant. The housing company decided that 7am till 11am was a great time to redo the floor in the common room...meaning no on was allowed into the room for that amount of are you supposed to eat breakfast (I guess that good 5 hr block of time from 12 till 17 just didn't work for know when no one really needs to get into the common room because they're on campus our busy..) anyways... Fredrik, being as smart as he is, decided that inorder to have breakfast, we have to bring it to us, in our wee little room. So since it's so chilly outside at night he decided to hang a bag with the milk, yoghurt, cheese and butter outside our window last night (even when drunk).

He is brilliant, because it totally worked. I love him...and how damn smart he is...I would never have thought to do that (I was pushing for cinnamon rolls for breakfast..see where my brain is..ha)

3. the masquerade ball in Kalmar is this weekend, and I'm almost done with my massive sewing projects. Check out my costuming blog at I update that a lot more than I do this one at the moment.

4. I'll be home in a month. See you all soon..

5. oh and Home Improvement is showing the Christmas episodes and it's totally reminding me of being a little kid...and I love it.


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