Monday, December 7, 2009

Christmas Trees...America vs. Sweden

Fredrik and I have been...umm...debating what kind of Christmas tree we'll have when we celebrate our first Christmas together (instead of on separate continents which is lame.) But he says we must have a 'Swedish' Christmas Tree. (aka none of what makes my christmas tree awesome. Personal memory filled ornaments dating from up to 50 years ago, colorful lights that fill a room with warmth and color (personally I find this to be a desirable aspect to the tree, especially if we're in Sweden the land of 2% sunshine in November...yeah apparently that's how much sunshine was around this November...I have to say...I agree I was there for most of it.) Hand strung popcorn that was made while watching christmas or holiday films on a Sunday night. And the biggest point of debate, is when do you put up the tree. My family tradition usually sticks to the first weekend of December. We moved up to the more American standard of Thanksgiving while in college only because it was practical.

Fredrik does not agree with any of this. White lights. Standardized ornaments. And worse of all: putting up the tree on the 23rd of December.

Umm...where do you put the presents?

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Anonymous said...

Hello, I'm having my first Christmas on the same continent as my boyfrind this year as well (we live in Scotland and I'm American)and I don't think we're even getting a tree sadly.

I do very much agree that getting a tree right before Christmas is rididulous though! That only gives you a few days to enjoy it!

Maybe take turns with year do the tree your way and the next he can do it his way? (this year being your turn of course)

Anyway, I enjoy your blog! Happy holidays :)