Thursday, April 29, 2010

3 months later and 2 pounds of paperwork

 My visa has been approved! Fredrik received the letter from Migrationsverket today informing us that my temporary residence visa is good until April 2012. Now I'm just waiting for my passport to come back.

Only 49 days until I move! Wee! :D

<3 <3

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swedish de dah

So I had my interview on the 25th and it went really well. Right now my application is chilling in Göteborg and we're waiting for Fredrik to get his paper work to fill out.  My ticket is booked for June 17th. Sooooooooo...yep.

Anyways, Fredrik came to visit last week for 9 days...not enough days if you ask me. It was a great visit that included a crash course in Indiana University student life and hanging out in a cabin in the woods, visiting family, and finally, him rowing me around in my mother's canoe as I channeled Paris, 1920s (and maybe random Ukulele music)

That's about the end of it I guess. Yawn...I'm so boring... :(