Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Swedish Applications...la de dah

So I had my interview on the 25th and it went really well. Right now my application is chilling in Göteborg and we're waiting for Fredrik to get his paper work to fill out.  My ticket is booked for June 17th. Sooooooooo...yep.

Anyways, Fredrik came to visit last week for 9 days...not enough days if you ask me. It was a great visit that included a crash course in Indiana University student life and hanging out in a cabin in the woods, visiting family, and finally, him rowing me around in my mother's canoe as I channeled Paris, 1920s (and maybe random Ukulele music)

That's about the end of it I guess. Yawn...I'm so boring... :(


Anonymous said...

Hello, I just recently found your blog on your year in Scotland. I will be heading to Glasgow this coming September to study at the Glasgow School of Art. I realize that you have since pretty much stopped posting about that and moved on to your other blog, but I was hoping you could answer a question or two for me. You said that you wouldn't live in the residence halls. Why is this? I was looking at privately owned halls. It seems the easiest way to find housing and the one I was looking into has a studio option that I was interested in. If not student housing, where would you suggest I look for a place to live? Thanks for your help and good luck in Sweden!
-soon to be Glaswegian

Abby said...

Hi! Congrats on getting into Glasgow School of Art...I hope you like Mackintosh...You'll probably be hearing a LOT about him (but he's fabulous so it's totally ok!) :) :) The main reason I've stopped posting is that I'm currently back in the states and since this is mostly a travel/hey i'm living in a different country blog I just don't know what to write. :) Anyways- since you're not attending University of Glasgow the student residence bit doesn't actually really apply to you. I know there are those privately owned student halls in the city, and some of them seem really nice. However, you can find flats to rent all around town if you're interested in that. Some of them actually seem to be quite cheaper than student halls. (My flat was insanely expensive compared to where others lived). I am fairly sure that University of Glasgow has kind of a message board area about housing, and the school of art probably does too. Stay out of the East end. Don't go any farther east than city centre and try to avoid the maryhill area. Maryhill isn't as bad as it apparently once was...however it is also rumor that my boyfriend lived on the safest street in his area because his neighbor was an ex mob leader..he.he.he..?

Look into your options carefully, and don't rush into a flat (that has never served me well..it took me two times to learn that..) and really make sure it has what you want (bus access, subway (though it might be closing now...god, how horrible.) safety, location, and student population.) Most students live in the West end next to University of Glasgow (Byres Rd, Great Western Road- these roads are important).

When searching, make sure you search google.co.uk and not .com (US version) and then just google, 'Let flats, Glasgow, student rooms' and see what you come up with. They should advert student rooms, student flats, etc.

However, I do have to say, that the student halls are nice because you are automatically mixed with a plethora of other students (usually international) and they're always up for a party good time, and it's a great way to socialize quickly. If you're going to be in Glasgow for a few years, this might be a good option and then moving into a flat once you're familiar with the city and where you want to be.

Good luck and enjoy Glasgow. It's a special city, you'll never be bored! :) If you have anymore questions feel free to post. :) :)

And thanks for the best wishes for Sweden. I never thought when moving to Scotland that I would as a result move to Sweden. :)

JourneyGirl said...

Thanks for all of the info!! Really informative! I keep going back and forth as to whether I do want to live in the halls, because of the convenience and the forced interaction with other students and finding a private home away from the school.
I do have one other quesiton. Did you bring a computer or laptop with you? If you did, did you just plug in an adapter to get around the different plug-ins? What all electronically did you take with you?
Again, thanks for your help!! Invaluable!

Abby said...

Sorry I've been slow to respond, but yes I took my computer with me. All computers have that little box thing in their cord and that is actually an energy converter so all you need to get is a plug adapter so it fits into the UK plugs and you're good to go! :) I took my cell phone, ipod and laptop wth me. I bought a printer there, which was a good idea personally, because, at least at University of Glasgow, you had to pay for all that you printed off, which was like 10p per paper, and that's just ridiculous. So I bought a cheap printer and it made it much nicer. They have Staples in Glasgow. There's one on Argyle street next to a PC World. ;) Don't worry about a laptop, just bring the one ya got. :)

And you're welcome!!! :) :)

Chelita said...

Hey I just found your blog about Scotland today and I have been reading it NONSTOP. It is extremely entertaining and very informative. I am planning on going to the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow in January but I am kinda nervous about the whole process. I will not know anyone and I am not sure of my housing situation yet...I am a junior at UofM so I am used to a big campus setting however I was hoping to meet a lot of locals. What would be the best way to do this? I know in your blog you said that they are pretty secluded from the international students. oh and good luck in Sweden it must be sweet :D