Sunday, May 16, 2010

Panic Attack...Oh..I mean Packing.

Reality has started to set it once the joy of receiving my pretty pink and blue and green visa in the mail at the beginning of this month. Now it's business time (it's buisness, it's business timmmee, I even got my business socks on..) and I'm starting to plot out and plan how and what I'm going to pack to take on the airplane and what to send by post. It's starting to become slightly overwhelming. All the little things I have to take care of, and only 3 weeks to do it. (I'm leaving for Santa Fe with my Mom on Wednesday and wont return until Monday. This means that, that week is not being spent packing and planning, but instead relaxing and primping. EEK!)

I've visited my local Post Office to discuss M-Bags, they are so popular, that the postal worker has only seen them once in her long career and they didn't have any in stock. Joy. This should be fun. I genuinely do not know what I would do if all my books got lost in the ocean. Makes me tear up a little actually.

I've been to the doctor to make sure that I'm stocked up for a few months in Sweden before I can get to the doctor there and get my new prescription.  They are also pulling my medical records so I can take those with me as well. This was an adventure. My original doctor just up and left town and we didn't receive notification until the Monday after her office closed. So a $54 dollar 10 minute office visit to get 4 months of Sprintec and my medical records could have been avoided if my original doctor had not just decided to leave without proper warning. Sketchy Sketchy.

My Swedish tutor has told me to get my International Driver's License as close to the day I leave as possible. Which is good. Apparently, she would just renew hers every year, since she was in America once a year, and avoided having to do the Swedish driving school, test, etc. This sounds promising. However, if this move is super permanent, I guess I would be better off biting the bullet and getting a Swedish license.

I know to buy things that are easily acquire here than in Sweden. Linköping does not have a L'Occitane so I have to deal with that.

What else do I need to do? I have so much to pack and send. I'm taking 3 suitcases, but I mean, my shoe collection is obnoxious, and I own a ridiculous amount of fabric and sewing odds and ends, that will keep me entertained until I can find some form of employment. How the hell am I going to do this?

Anyone have any advice? This is totally different than when I packed for Glasgow...this is my whole life I'm trying to move...


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