Thursday, August 12, 2010

SFI, you are on my naughty list.

Well, not quite, but they are the source of my current frustrations.

I arrived in Sweden as a 'real' immigrant on June 18th. I sent in all my information for my personnummer a few days later, around the 22nd. I got my personnummer around the 28th. Ok? Ok.

The Swedish government has started a program that pays immigrants to finish SFI early. Yeah, I would get paid to be awesome at Swedish. I have a masters degree, I can totally make bank! Sweet!


This only applies to people who register starting July 1, 2010.

I registered, technically, June 27/28th, 2010.

Bastards. least I will have classes starting in August to keep me busy and give me something to focus on so I don't become a desperate housewife.


I called the place on August 3rd (the lady was on holiday until August 2nd) asking to see if I was in the system and questions about classes, etc. Well, to put it frankly, I got shot down. She didn't have me in the system (I dropped off my application July 10th) and that I was supposed to technically kind off start classes within three months of them receiving my application, but they are just so busy now that it could take longer.

Ok, so let's refresh. I arrived mid June. I applied as soon as I could for SFI. Nobody was around to do some office work for over a month? Seriously? I mean, I know Sweden goes on vacation, but did everyone literally take the same days off? Seriously? I mean, really? So they have a whole summer's worth of mail to sort out? Well, I just don't think that was all that you? Not one person to go in once a week or twice a week to check the mail, get the process going for applications to make their life easier? No? Well, ok, if you like coming back to that much work....

But now what it means is that I probably wont start SFI until November...which is just already driving me into desperate housewifery at the thought of not having something to go to everyday to make me feel like I'm a real human being who is going places. I have got to have something to do....or I will go absolutely insane.

So, for now, I have borrowed my Swedish grammar book from the local library, F is speaking Swedish to me, sometimes against my will, and I am going to test out of SFI, ya basterds.

I guess this is just the first of many frustrations with becoming 'Swedish' ...


<3 <3


sapphire said...


Minda said...

A. It could be worse . . . you could still be in the U.S. trying to get a Master's Degree with a sub-par undergrad cumulative GPA. NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN.

B. I think it is funny that you went from one BF who refused to teach you his native language to one who forces it upon you. Serves you right for being such a go-getter.

C. I long for housewifery. LONG. FOR. IT. I could do with this unlimited vacation time they're talking about a lot here in the states these days.

swedishyogi... said...

You should download (yes, i know its illegal and to some immoral, but i'm 100% guilty) Rosetta Stone the Swedish version. Its quite good, and will help teach the basics while you are waiting for SFI. They have speaking, writing and pronunciation, and though its not as good as learning from a teacher, its at least something.


fb said...

I would bet no one was there -here some wards of the hospital and many pharmacies close during the same month....

Anonymous said...

That's Sweden for ya! It might be among the top 3 best countries to live in according to News Week, but you can't get hold of ANYONE during vacation times...

First I got a letter from the embloyment services, with a bunch of info I didn't understand. So I sent an e-mail to my handling officer, never got an anwser and found out by calling the office that she's on vacation.

I've applied for hundreds of jobs this summer, but when I call to see if anyone's gotten my application (and to show a little interest and get my application at the top of the bunch) - there's no anwsers, because everyone's on vacation!

They're doing a great job getting rid of the unemployment...

Anyways - welcome, again! ;D

Abby said...

Minda: 1. Go back to school with undergrad classes, Jake is doing that so he can get into nursing school. Ivy Tech should be good enough...right? :)

2. No Shit. *Sigh*

3. No you don't. It's boring. It's a justification for having children. They'll make it entertaining.

Swedishyogi- Fredrik and I did that a long time ago...a really old version, but I got kind of fed up with it after a while, you know the whole, "En pojke på ett bord". Once, I accidentally said, "En pojke i en hund." Fredrik became mildly concerned about my Rosetta Stone's quality. :)

fb- Yep, no one. I at least assumed people were on a sort of rotating summer holiday schedule so that way at least one person is there...or someone would go collect mail once or twice a week. Nope. No one. I know it's American of me..but damn that was a shocker.

Fuchsia- No kidding! She didn't even have an auto-reply 'On holiday' email? That's crap. I thought that would be the first thing they taught people in job training here in Sweden. ;)

I've heard about the no response all summer job application thing, I guess they'll start contacting you really soon since it's almost September! Kind of like opening the floodgates. :) Good luck, I hope you hear something soon!!! :) :)

lleksam said...

SFI isn't great.

It really depends on what school you're at but most people quit after a few months. :(