Monday, October 4, 2010

Being American makes SFI hysterical

During my pronounciation class today, my teacher wrote these words on the chalkboard:


Thought kock is not the same in Swedish as it is in English, reading this in 'swenglish' makes this hysterical. If you haven't already laughed your butt off. I had to keep myself under control during class...

Gotta love Mondays. Now I get to spend the rest of the day proofreading Swedish like we did in 6th grade, and take an adverb test. Holla.


SwedeLife said...

I am so afraid if I actually learn Swedish these things will cease to be so very funny....Now, off for Hjörtron jam sandwich.

Abby said...

haha amen. But I don't think farthinder, utfart and infart will ever stop being funny.

Apparently there is a hot tub or pool or something in Kalmar, where my boyfriend is from, and it had a sign stating when the pool cleaning was. So there was this big sign with a person getting out of the tub that said 'BAD SLUT'. Gotta love it!

SwedeLife said...

Slut! People say that to their kids all the time. Bad, yes, we went to a beach when we first got here and the beach side cafe had bold letters, BAD RESTRAURANG ... off to spend some personal time with my tvättmaskin.

Urban Pilgrim said...

Hehe... fart gets me every single time ( It's juvenile I know. I am also going to post about Tom Tits tomorrow. I am a child, but it's more fun that way :).