Sunday, October 3, 2010


A couple of weeks ago, my good friends Emilie and Sebastian invited Fredrik and I over for my very first crayfish party. Traditionally, these mildly pointless (but with a point) parties happen at the end of August and beginning of September, as a way to celebrate the end of summer and welcome the start of autumn. Well, ours happened well into autumn. End of September to be exact, and instead of eating outside which seems to be traditional, we ate inside (it was dark, cold and rainy, so much for summer!) Regardless, it was fabulous. I ate crayfish that were boiled and soaking in a dill and other herbs/spices infused water to give them flavor. Though they were a challenge to eat, they were absolutely delicious. I'm officially a fan. I didn't go as extreme as some Swedes (in this case, Fredrik) and eat the guts and junk inside. I stuck mostly to the meat. Anyways, here are the pictures...what you're really interested in.
Traditional party decorations. Time to say good-bye to the sun!

Our dinner, defrosted and marinated, delicious!

Shrimp (or Prawns if you're British) for Fredrik/Me (if I didn't like crayfish. I actually like crayfish much better than shrimp.)

Our beautiful and delicious table! Emilie made traditional/from scratch Swedish flat bread. You can also see 'traditional' decorations, like placemats and super kitschy hats. I loved the hats.

Getting pumped!

I'm just a bit of a dork. You can't help it when you wear the hat.

Slightly gross...slightly awesome, and really good.

This was when Emilie was teaching me how to eat crayfish.

Fredrik is now showing me how he eats crayfish.

We found Nemo!

Gross crayfish hands!

Fredrik's plate at the end of the meal. At least he was neat about it.

gross. :)

I'm already looking forward to next year's crayfish party....but I'm mostly just looking forward to summer returning. :)


Minda said...

It is just so gross . . .

Abby said...

It's just so delicious!