Saturday, November 6, 2010

Is this a bit sad?

As I write, I am currently sitting in Sapphire's flat in Stockholm enjoying some fabulous sunshine....and the fact that her flat is on the corner, has lots of windows, is an 18th century building, and has a working fireplace, is located in a great part of Stockholm, I have wireless access, and tonight is the the big Indian New Year Party, Diwali (excuse the spelling if it is incorrect, if it is correct, please send a cookie.)

And you know what is really sad and is an excellent representation of my life in lil ol' Linköping and my minor shopping issue? I was so excited about shopping, seeing lots of different stores that I could spend money I don't have in. Oh. So. Excited. There was actually a spring in my step. I was..giddy....

Don't get me wrong, I was very happy to be going to Stockholm to visit Sapphire, hang out, celebrate the Hindu New Year etc...but the shopping. Oh. Baby. That's just a different thing all together. It was glorious. Makes me giddy for going to the malls at home.

Plus Christmas decorations are starting to go up in Linkoping and stuff is in the stores here in this part of Stockholm....and Fredrik makes fun of me/Americans for decorating for Christmas too early. Pish. Swedes seem to be just as bad. Which isn't so bad at all.

Luckily my bank account survived, and I had a very wonderful (not sarcastic) experience with Beyond Retro's customer service. 10 points to Beyond Retro in Söder!

Going back to the selection of H&M and...well....H&M in Linkoping is going to be painful...*sigh*


swedishyogi... said...

HAHA! Shopping sure isn´t that much fun when you don´t have the money, but window shopping sure is!

Hope you had a great time in Stockholm!

Minda said...

You finally got to shop with your present!

Abby said...

Ha ha yes, and you have no idea what a PROCESS it was. HQ didn't ever consider that someone in america would buy their friend a gift card to the store in sweden, and so they never made their gift cards store wide. Originally, your gift certificate was only good for british stores. Several phone calls and 20 minutes later, it had been switch to kronor with an additional 40 extra kronor. Beyond Retro had a total win with customer service there. Holla. I bought a turbin and a hairthing. I was slightly disappointed in the selection. It was heavy on the 80s and neglectful of dating all their other clothes. On the plus side, they had a WHOLE RACK devoted to floral dresses from between 1988-1993. You know the type I'm talking about. The kind we wore at easter that matched our mothers. Yep. :)

sapphire said...

just have to say i miss you!